April 13, 2015

The Advent of Programmatic Buying

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In this day and age of evolving marketing technology, there is a great deal of ad inventory, spread over a scattered demographic. Commercials and advertisements of all kinds are broadcasts over a wide spectrum of devices and channels, and with the old traditional advertisements, the message may reach someone who is interested, but it’s usually “by chance.”

The advent of Programmatic Buying has afforded brand marketers a way to create a semblance of organization, funneling the messages towards a targeted audience that has, in some fashion, expressed interest or searched for a particular product or service. Using Genius Monkey’s proprietary algorithms, the interactions of customers are consolidated into a single dashboard, allowing a strategy to be developed to better reach those consumers who are ready to engage. Genius Monkey can utilize the collected data to assess the effectiveness of the strategy they provide for their customers, and make changes as needed to increase effectiveness, thereby increasing the ROI. In other words, advertisers get a much bigger bang for each advertising dollar they spend! In addition, a value can be placed on each impression, assisting the marketer to prevent wasted revenue from their advertising budget, and to avoid aiming for an audience that is not predisposed to make the transaction, and will most likely not respond to the ads.

Programmatic buying is not only beneficial to the marketer; it also benefits the consumers, as the relevance of the ads that come across their devices is greatly increased. In addition, the publisher is benefited as well by increased revenue.

Knowing that advertisements will always be ever-present in their news, articles and social media outlets, consumers appreciate the fact that at least these ads are relevant to their interests. And brand marketers have grown to appreciate the services of Genius Monkey, as their web traffic increases exponentially.

Interested in learning more about how Genius Monkey can boost your conversion rates today?

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