May 2, 2023

Prices Are Even Lower at Genius Monkey – 2023 First Quarter Analysis

Prices Are Even Lower at Genius Monkey – 2023 First Quarter Analysis

Our clients have been enjoying some of the best prices we’ve seen in the last two years! Why is this?

Straight to the nitty-gritty; it’s because we have been working hard on our optimization algorithms and features along with integrating even more inventory through new networks, direct deals, and DSPs. This helps Genius Monkey continuously drive down costs with our unique media-agnostic approach, reaching consumers on any device they use.

With these additional options, the platform can then be even more effective as it creates market competition and drives down costs, thus helping the advertiser produce great ROAS. Here are a few notable changes in prices we have seen in the first quarter of 2023.

CPM is down 7.33% right now, and CPC is down over 20%. Video marketing has been on the rise the past decade, with more than 91% of businesses using it and 89% of consumers saying that a video convinced them to make a purchase. If you’re ready to jump into video advertising, check out our article All About the Video for some tips, tricks, and questions answered!

Display forms the backbone of any marketing campaign, so any changes will have a significant impact on your budget and strategy. CPC is down 12.54% and CPM is down 15.48%, both of which are lower than they were at any point in 2022.

Prices Are Even Lower at Genius Monkey – 2023 First Quarter Analysis

OTT and Audio have remained mostly consistent with their CPM costs at Genius Monkey. This is great news because OTT and Audio CPM have been generally increasing industry-wide, thanks to many advertisers jumping in and increasing their investment in OTT/CTV. At Genius Monkey, OTT CPM has gone up just 2.17% and Audio is up 6.3%.

Let’s dive into the details and see how prices have changed across some specific industries.

The Healthcare and Medical vertical featured some of the largest drops across the Genius Monkey platform. While audio CPM has increased slightly across most other verticals, it has dropped more than 10% with healthcare and medical. In addition, display CPM and video CPC are also significantly lower, at 30% and 35% respectively.

Real estate display ads have seen more modest price drops; CPC has lowered by 2% from last quarter, while CPM has dropped a more noticeable 12%. Finally, video CPC has lowered by a much more impressive 30%. We suspect that this is a result of the housing bubble that we’ve been in for the past few years; the mortgage market is taking a bit of a hit, causing home buyers to slow their searches. For this reason, some brokerages, home builders and the like are holding back on advertising for the time being. Historically, the largest market share grabs come in times like these, when both the competition and costs are lower. On this topic, Genius Monkey COO Travis Champ said that “fortunes are made when you’re willing to advertise when others are not.”

The Health and Fitness vertical has seen some increases in costs in the programmatic space, with Audio CPM going up 27% and video CPC up 24%. However, it was not all bad, as CPC for Display dropped by 22%. This may be the result of a common trend we’ve been observing at Genius Monkey since 2020, where many e-commerce advertisers are moving some money from display over to audio and video.

We’re seeing tremendous values in the Finance area as well, with notable price drops in the video and display mediums. Video has achieved higher engagement with up to 24% lower CPC and CPMs. Finance display CPCs also improved by over 7%.

Entertainment Industry

Entertainment has seen some of the biggest changes up and down in our average costs since last quarter. Display CPC and CPM are up slightly, by 16% and 11% respectively. Audio is up– as usual– around 27%, but let’s get to the good stuff: While video CPM has fallen a respectable 8.4%, video CPC has dropped an incredible 36%. Optimization to cost-per-action is important and it’s clearly working wonders in entertainment.

Some More Rapid-fire Interesting Industry Stats


Consumer Packaged Goods

Energy Sector

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