February 21, 2023

Press Release: Featured on Yahoo! Finance: Genius Monkey Premium CTV Placements Expands with DirecTV Addition

Genius Monkey Premium CTV Placements Expands with DirecTV addition

Many major Connected TV publishers such as Netflix and DIRECTV are making exclusive deals with DSP’s, meaning their inventory can be bought through one DSP. This could be affecting your campaigns. Why? Because most programmatic platforms and agencies today have one DSP as their backend servicer to serve ads. If they are only using one DSP they are potentially missing out on premium placements.

Since Genius Monkey has both Xandr and Yahoo DSP already within its Meta-DSP platform, we are included in both exclusivity deals. Learn more about the benefits of Genius Monkey’s Meta-DSP platform in our latest article published on Yahoo Finance! and AP News.

Meta DSP Infographic

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