June 2, 2020

Press Release: Don’t Be a Statistic: Preparing for Ad Life After Lockdown

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We’re excited to announce our latest article published on Forbes! As a trusted member of the Forbes Business Council, Genius Monkey assists in programmatic industry insights for the publication. Our previously-featured Forbes article, titled The Great Cookie Countdown, covered the imminent loss of third-party cookies in Chrome and the potential impact such changes might have on the marketing industry.


In our latest featured Forbes article, titled Don’t Be a Statistic: Preparing for Ad Life After Lockdown, we discuss the significant effect COVID-19 lockdowns have had on the ad industry, and how brands hoping to succeed in the future will need to be flexible and adapt their business strategy to better-suit consumer needs as they rapidly evolve. To learn how businesses can prepare to thrive in a post-coronavirus market Read the full article on Forbes »

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