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10 March

Genius Monkey Latest Forbes Publication

We’re excited to announce our latest article published on Forbes! Genius Monkey’s CRO, Jeremy Hudgens, is a proud member of Forbes Business Council, and as such, we have the privilege of publishing articles through Forbes every month or so. Our featured Forbes article last month, titled Trouble In Kansas? Why Coffeyville is Reporting So Much Traffic and What To Do About It, covered the geolocation issues behind Google Analytics default reporting measures.
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10 March

Your Business, AI, and Quantifying Data

It’s difficult to know what things will look like in the business world of next year, let alone the business world of, say, 2030. But we do know that things are changing, and quickly. In some instances, the changes are a boon for the economy as a whole, as has arguably been the case with the rise of e-commerce and online selling more broadly. In others, such change seems better suited to serve the interests of insiders specially equipped to take advantage of its capabilities. Whether this has been true of Artificial Intelligence remains unclear, but that impression certainly has taken root in the minds of many. At Genius Monkey, our goal is to close the distance between AI’s capabilities and our clients’ understanding of said capabilities. There’s little to suggest that the AI community is due to slow down in terms of continued advancement - we’re here to ensure that its most promising aspects can be brought to bear in serving companies like your own.
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03 March

Ad Serving Explained

Point to an industry of any sort and you can almost guarantee there’s a space within it for intermediary parties. In law, you’ll find mediators; in entertainment, you’ll find agents. And in most (or many) cases, these intermediary figures play an important role, even if the earnings seem to be a tad disproportionate. In the digital advertising industry, ad servers have long been the intermediaries whose presence is generally taken for granted. One of the original Genius Monkey aims was to circumvent this aspect of online marketing… and to do so entirely. Achieving that end meant constructing a platform suitably durable and sophisticated to negate the need for a go-between measure of any sort.
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25 February

AI is Rapidly Altering the Digital Landscape

Once upon a time, in the not-so-distant past, artificial intelligence (AI), data-driven marketing and voice search engine optimization (VSEO) were merely speculative concepts that bordered on the inconceivable. Today, this concept is no longer just a “good idea,” it’s a reality that will provide a great assistance to marketers in 2020 and on into the future.

According to Genius Monkey’s SVP and Director of Client Solutions, Jeremy Hudgens, “Any business that wants to be competitive in this ever-evolving digital sphere, must embrace these advancements and make room for them in their marketing strategies. We live in an era in which technology tends to move faster than marketers can understand and exploit it.”

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18 February

A Flexible Marketing Presence + A Solid Business

If you’re reading this article, you’re either in the business of selling a service or a product in which you take a measure of pride, or you work in the agency space and represent clients for whom that assessment is true. Perhaps you operate in a niche space; one with a strict barrier to entry due to its esoteric nature. Maybe you’ve made a name for yourself and your company in a crowded space by doing extremely good work. Or is it that you’ve been laboring to introduce a compelling new concept to an old industry? Wherever you find yourself on the business continuum, how you attract potential customers is invariably important. Speaking of that, Genius Monkey is also proud of its work, which includes dynamically and strategically connecting businesses with their target customers. In doing so successfully, we allow our clients to further improve upon what they do well. This allows them to preserve their brand integrity while ensuring a strong link between the messaging/strategies we implement and the businesses with which their customers will ultimately engage.
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13 February

Marketing Attribution: A Few Reminders

The work of creating product markets, converting clicks into transactions, and maintaining a clear picture of the process as its unfolding - these are the responsibilities and challenges required of businesses of all sizes, regardless of the space in which they operate. The last of these, maintaining a clear picture of the process, is arguably the most demanding and technologically dependent of those actions, as it is predicated on the business’s ability to track consumer behavior in ways both accurate and sustained while extracting from their findings an actionable data set. Easy enough? Not for everyone. But at Genius Monkey we’ve done the hard work of creating marketing attribution tools to mitigate this aspect of the digital advertising space for you.
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05 February

Genius Monkey Now Integrated with TapClicks

Meet Our Newest Integration: TapClicks!

Recently, we announced our integration with NinjaCat, a trusted reporting and monitoring platform that can aggregate all our clients’ campaign data in a single place, simply by pulling data from numerous sources–including Genius Monkey.

And today we’re proud to announce our newest integration partner - TapClicks!

TapClicks is a leading marketing dashboard and reporting platform for publishers, marketing agencies and media companies. Their marketing solutions platform features reporting, analytics, and management tools.

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29 January

Economies Fluctuate (Should Marketing Practices Do the Same?)

It became so complicated so quickly. But early on, what could have been simpler than the idea of trade? You and another person find that each has something the other wants or could use, so… you make a deal, you go home, and you wonder (invariably) if you got the better end of that deal. Simple. As of today, trade, shipping, production, and macroeconomics in general have jointly amalgamated into a phenomenon of such complexity as to place it nearly on par with advanced calculus in terms of properly understanding its every facet. But what does such complexity mean from an advertising standpoint? Genius Monkey has a position on that very subject.
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21 January

How Much is a Video Worth?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, can we put a number on a video? Believe it or not, the answer is yes. As a brand, it’s easy to shy away from video advertising or dismiss it all together. The tendency is to assume that the worth and effectiveness of video lands in that giant gray area of ambiguity.

But videos have received a lot of attention in research recently. Pair that with programmatic attribution tracking, and their value in the sales funnel is clear.

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16 January

Data Resources (and Their Increasing Importance)


Based on what you’re looking to find, data (and information more broadly) are often entirely free. Now, this certainly isn’t true of trade secrets and the like, but otherwise there’s a lot to be gleaned from simply paying attention to current events and, where your own business is concerned, to consumer patterns. That’s what data really is when everything is taken into account – information we’re willing to acknowledge and, to the best of our ability, act upon. What Genius Monkey has long recognized is that advertising data as a concept is more than a set of figures on a spreadsheet – it is a window into how your customers connect with your brand, with your various interfaces, and finally with the transactional aspect(s) of your business. Taking matters beyond mere accumulation and observation is where our platform comes into play.

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