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20 July

We’ve Gone ATOMIC!

Since 2009, the Genius Monkey brand has strived to represent a culture and relationship unique to the world of digital programmatic advertising. Now, we’ve taken a dose of evolution-inducing radiation and gone ATOMIC with our brand to exemplify where our company has been – and how we’re progressing forward.
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14 July

The Strength of Audio Ads in 2020

While 2020 has brought dramatic changes to the ad market, one medium is still going strong and continues to climb: audio ads. Programmatic audio ads allow advertisers to reach target audiences beyond screens, thereby expanding their reach and potential conversions. And 2020 is the year to start including these powerful ad types to your marketing campaigns. Why? We’ve got a few powerful reasons for you to consider, along with the latest statistics proving just how influential audio ads are in today’s market. Programmatic ads can boost any advertiser’s campaign by targeting different types of audiences, but choosing the right kind of programmatic content can level up your marketing potential even more.
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06 July

COVID-19 Causes Increase in Mobile Device Use

During this time of COVID-19, our portable devices have been somewhat of a lifeline to the outside world, as so many people have been ordered to stay in place during the global pandemic. Needless to say, this has brought about increased mobile use. In other words, the time spent on our smartphones and tablets has risen drastically. Changes in mobile use Over the past year, some of these trends were expected, and were already manifesting themselves before the global pandemic hit the U.S. These trends include an increase in time on social media, streaming audio, video, and gaming. COVID-19 didn’t bring these trends about, but it sure did speed up the increases.
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30 June

Genius Monkey Brings Dedicated Optimization Connected TV!

Connected TV is currently one of the fastest growing channels in advertising, and it’s not surprising. Connected TV ads are an effective way of reaching your target audience. These highly targeted, unskippable, trackable, brand-safe OTT ads are guaranteed to make an impact on viewers–and Genius Monkey is now offering clients even greater ad optimization with dedicated A/B testing solutions for Connected TV ads! Our new dedicated optimization feature allows advertisers to evaluate different variations of their ads, such as; 15 second vs. 30 second ads, various voice-overs, calls-to-action, and several other variables that can all be tested to determine which creative performs best.
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17 June

How Adaptability is Reviving the Auto Industry

In the early days of COVID-19, one of the first business sectors to readily adapt to market changes was the automotive industry. With lockdown and social distancing measures preventing traditional car-buying transactions, a few savvy dealerships took measures into their own hands and got creative with their sales strategy. And their initiatives saw promising results and positive customer response.

Certain auto dealerships have reworked their entire purchasing process to better suit at-home car buyers by rolling out purchase-from-home vehicle programs. Trucks Only is one such dealer. Their customers can shop online and buy a car from the comfort of their couch with convenient options such as; at-home test drives, online financing and trade-in offers and front-door delivery.

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10 June

OTT Numbers are Skyrocketing in 2020

OTT Continues its Climb One of the fastest growing channels in marketing today is Over the Top Television (OTT), or Connected TV (CTV). This isn’t surprising to the advertising world, as it’s such an effective way to reach your targeted audience. These ads that run on this platform are highly targeted, brand-safe, trackable ads that will always make an impact. These programmatic messages are designed to take away the “spray and pray” method of TV advertising. In fact, these sharp-shooting commercials are quickly becoming a mainstay of the marketing mixes of many brands. Any marketer wanting to succeed in the programmatic landscape will eventually need to become familiar with Over the Top TV, and why it’s so invaluable.
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02 June

Our Latest Forbes Publication, Don’t Be a Statistic: Preparing for Ad Life After Lockdown

We’re excited to announce our latest article published on Forbes! As a trusted member of the Forbes Business Council, Genius Monkey assists in programmatic industry insights for the publication. Our previously-featured Forbes article, titled The Great Cookie Countdown, covered the imminent loss of third-party cookies in Chrome and the potential impact such changes might have on the marketing industry.
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26 May

Optimization Through Call Attribution

Those of you who follow the progression of Genius Monkey’s technology know that we are always manifesting the importance of true measurement and attribution in order to gain a better understanding of which marketing efforts are most effective. Without this, there’s no way to know what works, and what doesn’t.

Digital programmatic advertisers that want to achieve full attribution need to grasp an understanding of their performance across an increasing number of channels. As marketers continue their digital progression, there are metrics that cannot be discarded or ignored, rather, they must be part of the application. If brick and mortar visits or phone calls are a part of your ad strategies, then mixing your gathered data with those digital metrics can be challenging. This is why many advertisers end up with a blind spot when their results are measured. But this blind spot can be cleared up considerably with call attribution.

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19 May

Brand Safety That Goes Above and Beyond

Digital programmatic hasn’t always had a stellar reputation when it comes to ad fraud. Marketing professionals throughout the industry have been burned by ad tech companies in the past who failed to protect their clients from malicious ad fraud.

This resulted in a mountain of wasted ad dollars and tarnished brand reputations so it’s understandable why they might be hesitant to climb back onboard the ad tech safety train. After all, how can they know who to trust? With so much at stake, and so many fraudulent practices to be wary of, it’s easy to be afraid.

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