May 26, 2020

Optimization Through Call Attribution


Those of you who follow the progression of Genius Monkey’s technology know that we are always manifesting the importance of true measurement and attribution in order to gain a better understanding of which marketing efforts are most effective. Without this, there’s no way to know what works, and what doesn’t.

Digital programmatic advertisers that want to achieve full attribution need to grasp an understanding of their performance across an increasing number of channels. As marketers continue their digital progression, there are metrics that cannot be discarded or ignored, rather, they must be part of the application. If brick and mortar visits or phone calls are a part of your ad strategies, then mixing your gathered data with those digital metrics can be challenging. This is why many advertisers end up with a blind spot when their results are measured. But this blind spot can be cleared up considerably with call attribution.


What About the Blind Spot?

It’s imperative for marketers to communicate across various channels if they want to programmatically reach their targeted audience. One of the complicating factors, however, is the fact that these are MOVING targets—they don’t stand still. The prospective consumers you’re hoping to reach are engaged in many different activities. In fact, while some are checking their mobile phones, laptops and tablets every minute or so, others are entirely disconnected from their various devices. This just means that while they may be interested in the same items, their online engagement is far from uniform.

Because these prospects are skipping around, it can be tricky to determine which channels are the most effective in driving the majority of leads. This is especially true when potential customers are driven offline. And, while you might think that you’ve lost a prospective customer, they may have just switched to an offline channel, such as calls or text. Getting rid of this “blind spot” can be a big help in keeping track of prospective customers effectively, across various channels, and driving sales, as well.

call attribution 2

What is Call Attribution?

Call attribution is a form of conversion-tracking technology that performance marketers use to optimize for online channels that generate the most customer calls. Call attribution can provide the same level of insight for call conversions that tools like Google Analytics or Mixpanel provide for digital campaigns.

This form of attribution works by assigning a unique phone number to every individual channel. Also known as dynamic number insertion (DNI), call attribution basically uses a snippet of Javascript that takes the place of the phone numbers on your webpages. This is done by dynamically provisioning trackable phone numbers from a pool of local, international or toll-free numbers. This allows marketing agencies and brands to get granular data by tracking online behavior and tying phone leads back to the ads, campaigns or keywords that were used to generate each specific engagement.

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Ignore No Channels

Savvy advertisers can attain insights as to what is driving calls. Using call attribution, marketing teams can make more informed decisions on how to allocate their marketing spend by optimizing for ads and keywords that are driving the most calls. This can help increase revenue while reducing the cost per acquisition (CPA).

By seeking call attribution as part of your marketing strategy, you can get a full view of how all of your marketing channels are performing, eliminating any ad-spend-eating guesswork.

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