February 13, 2020

Marketing Attribution: A Few Reminders

The work of creating product markets, converting clicks into transactions, and maintaining a clear picture of the process as its unfolding - these are the responsibilities and challenges required of businesses of all sizes, regardless of the space in which they operate. The last of these, maintaining a clear picture of the process, is arguably the most demanding and technologically dependent of those actions, as it is predicated on the business’s ability to track consumer behavior in ways both accurate and sustained while extracting from their findings an actionable data set. Easy enough? Not for everyone. But at Genius Monkey we’ve done the hard work of creating marketing attribution tools to mitigate this aspect of the digital advertising space for you.

Marketing Attribution, Ultra-Summarized

Your customer base consists of certain shared attributes, behavioral patterns, general interests, and purchasing tendencies. Any idea as to what all of these are? Admittedly, any sizable consumer base will be characterized by a great deal of diversity in terms of their behaviors and interests, but some level of common ground will ultimately link them to your audience profile. Zeroing in accurately on such common ground is achievable through attribution measures such as those employed by Genius Monkey. Advertising is never as effective when one’s audience is essentially an unknown quantity. Marketing attribution is the means of eliminating the unknown and replacing it with a demographic blueprint. From there, you are no longer yelling into the wind but speaking to an engaged customer.

Genius Monkey’s Attribution Tools

Minutes spent using Genius Monkey’s attribution tools could very well amount to a lasting and precise sense of who you’re reaching and why they are interested in your product/company. And with a parsing ability as notably comprehensive as our own, your audience picture becomes all the clearer and more useful. Specifically, knowledge available to our clients includes when a block of customers converted and on what sorts of devices, two highly valuable data points which can jointly contribute to a strategic audience engagement approach. There’s good reason to create a thorough depiction of your target demographic. Genius Monkey can be of help in that regard.

Get Started Immediately

Soon after you’ve employed our attribution tools, your eyes will be wholly opened to the consumers who have been interacting with your brand, your website, and your products to variable extents. You will essentially occupy a vantage point from which to more effectively govern your marketing efforts. So why not sign on today? The need for concise attribution is unlikely to wane at any point in the coming years. Your course of action is obvious - allow Genius Monkey’s programmatic advertising tools to do what they do so well and to do so for you. The results will be quickly telling and beneficial.

We’re a notably well-informed society these days. Not in every respect, perhaps, but consumers and companies tend to know a great deal about one another in the marketplace of today. Consumers can learn much about a company by performing just a few minutes of online research, while companies can track consumer engagement and spending patterns in a large-scale capacity, so long as the means to do so are in place. On the whole, commerce is increasingly transparent, but having data and putting it to intelligent use remain separate aspects of the marketing equation. Which is where Genius Monkey tools come into play.

Interested in learning more about how Genius Monkey can boost your conversion rates today?

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