August 20, 2019

Mapping New Markets

For centuries, the Republic of Venice prospered as a direct result of its enormous commercial power throughout the Mediterranean and an economic reach which extended still further. Had the Republic’s trade practices been limited to the Italian peninsula or even to Western Europe, its wealth and prestige would have been a fraction of what they ultimately became. Instead, Venetian traders exchanged goods with merchants in modern-day Turkey and places well beyond.

The lesson? Trade has long been international, and political boundaries are often irrelevant to marketplace demands. That’s still very much the case, as the ability to buy and sell online creates sales avenues for companies like yours in virtually every region of the globe. But knowing there are markets for your product(s) all over the world is not the same as understanding those markets and the buying trends of customers within them. With a helpful complement of Genius Monkey programmatic advertising tools at your disposal, knowledge of that sort could easily (and usefully) be yours.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

As any business text will attest, accurately knowing one’s customers has always been essential to maintaining a healthy shop, no matter the industry. This was as true of the 19th century bookseller and the 20th century automobile manufacturer as it is of the 21st century software vendor. Who you’re selling to, when they’re likely to buy, how much they’re willing to spend, and whether or not brand loyalty is a relevant factor - all of this harmonizes in the form of an intricate calculation which even a savvy merchant can only hope to solve with a measure of luck doing its part. Changing economic conditions and chance both have their say, as well, which ensures a modicum of guesswork is always necessary. But mitigating that guesswork is made all the more viable by way of programmatic advertising, a technology-guided approach to digital advertising which relies on sophisticated algorithmic solutions to create a vivid picture of one’s customer aggregate, regardless of where those customers live.

Parsing Global Markets

We know that selling and commercial endeavors in general are not simply domestic exercises. With internet commerce a firm transnational fixture, markets for ideas, for services, and for products are now truly global. And while this reality does present its own set of challenges for governments, regulatory bodies, and so on, understanding the behaviors of wide-ranging customers is not necessarily the problem it might otherwise seem to be. With programmatic advertising technologies available to you, your business can gather marketplace insights no matter the hemisphere in which they’ve originated.

Keeping Your Information Current

In most chapters of the present-day marketplace, data must be relatively recent in its generation to be considered valuable - and its aging process is mercilessly brisk. But even in this moment of global marketing/selling, Genius Monkey has a measure in place to keep your advertising investment optimized and your attention limited to the work that created your consumer demand.

We need only look to the entertainment industry for evidence of the expanding international marketplace, as blockbuster films are increasingly marketed as much towards overseas audiences as they are to domestic moviegoers. But never without first garnering an understanding of those audiences. Genius Monkey has engineered an array of implements to help companies reach and sell to customer bases they might not have known they had in the first place. This phenomenon is steadily increasing via programmatic advertising; and with Chinese inventory in play, growth potential is enormous… so move quickly.

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