June 12, 2019

Jeremy Hudgens Addresses the Digital Summit Crowd

Genius Monkey has once again accepted the opportunity to share more of the knowledge we’ve acquired from our extensive research and development as a programmatic platform and digital specialists.

Last month, our own Jeremy Hudgens, Genius Monkey’s CRO and Director of Client Solutions, participated in a webinar presented by Digital Summit. His goal was to provide others in the marketing industry with a basic knowledge of the digital programmatic process and the importance of proper attribution, as well as the need for advanced technology. The webinar video has proven to be so helpful to so many, we wanted to share it with the marketing community at large — for free!

Jeremy covered topics that highly pertain to marketers interested in expanding their digital programmatic horizons and achieving the maximum success possible today.

During Jeremy’s video session, you will learn how to:

Jeremy covers topics like our Genius Monkey Full Funnel Approach, including how to find new audiences, establish brand awareness and grow market share. In addition, he explains the importance of true attribution, rather than just going with first or last click.

Here are a few of the highlights of Jeremy’s summary of the video:

Reach and frequency: A good rule to remember is that reach without frequency equals ZERO! Reach is the number of potential consumers that are exposed to your ads, and obviously, frequency is the number of times that it happens.

Where we see a lot of failure with some marketers’ display and video campaigns, is not having a healthy enough reach and frequency. Marketers must power through and get that frequency in there, and that’s where they fail. In 2013 research indicated that the number of impressions it took in order for a consumer to feel comfortable doing business with a brand had jumped from 12 to 28 in just a few short years. You won’t believe what that number is at now!

It takes more than reach and frequency, it takes reach and time. Remember that consumers will convert on THEIR terms … not yours! Lastly, be in front of them and stay in front of them, lead them to the conversion.

Creative: It’s important to stay consistent. Whatever you’re doing in other mediums, do the same with your branding and your offerings. But, keep it fresh. Use different variations and continue to look for something better. Keep your ads clean, clear and not too busy. Last, but certainly not least, Test, test and test again … let the conversions guide you.

Use the right tool for the job: At Genius Monkey, we are firm believers in full-attribution tracking right down to the conversions that matter most. This takes a great deal of technology, and the knowledge to use it. The tools in our Genius Monkey platform continue to advance as we drive the maximum number of engagements and conversions from as many networks, devices and mediums that we can. We also like to ensure that our methods of measuring the effectiveness of our ads remain the most effective and up to date.

Understand strengths and measure accordingly: With Genius Monkey’s attribution measurement, rather than only looking at the first or last click attribution, we are able to more clearly understand which mediums are contributing most to moving the audience along the path to conversion. We know that it takes much more than first or last-click attribution. With our advanced advertising technology, we can track a consumer’s complete purchase journey. That is the only way to know what true sequence of events led to the conversion.

Conversions are king: Find the metrics that matter — and find success!

Interested in learning more about how Genius Monkey can boost your conversion rates today?

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