January 4, 2023

It’s All About Intent...Search Intent

It's all about intent

You can be targeted based on where you live. You can be targeted based on age, religion, favorite toothpaste brand, and more.

As advertisers, we use targeting points like this to match consumers/viewers with the best advertisements—the ones they are most likely to engage with and buy from. But one of the most important ways to target is almost too obvious, yet many overlook its importance: targeting with search intent.

What is Search Intent?

Search intent is exactly what it sounds like—it’s the intent, or reason, behind someone’s search. Search intent is all about someone’s objective. We recently sat down with our COO, Travis Champ, and asked him about this:

Q: Search intent targeting isn’t new, so why is it becoming a hot topic again?

Travis: We at Genius Monkey have always included search intent targeting into every medium we run since the company’s inception, but as others are starting to follow suit, it has become more of a hot topic. In the advertising space, everything comes full circle via riding-the-trend wave. Now that some mediums aren’t as new, such as CTV and programmatic audio, people are looking at how to further optimize them and gain more lift. They’re looking to boost performance via targeting so they aren’t wasting ad spend, and search intent targeting is among the best ways to do that.


Q: What does search intent look like for a CTV campaign?

Travis: We have been doing search targeting since 2009 and have integrated that technology into our display, video, CTV, and audio targeting. We use this technology to stitch together search intent of a user across all of their devices and serve them ads across each, including CTV.

Q: What other targeting do you do at Genius Monkey?

Travis: You name it, we do it. From email address targeting to home address retargeting from a mailer, demographics, website targeting, search intent, offline characteristic targeting, intent to move or purchase targeting, and much much more. Really, it boils down to your campaign objective. We see the best results when clients come to us with an open mindset to discuss options and targeting ideas instead of having a narrow and very finite plan before we can even make suggestions or improvements.

Our targeting hits it all, from search intent to demographic, psychographic, geographic, and more. Check out Genius Monkey for your programmatic advertising needs, and give us a call today.

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