August 23, 2019

Intuitively Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

If you’re working in the present-day digital marketing space, you will almost certainly feel overwhelmed from time to time. The industry seems to be growing with every passing hour, as new tools are introduced, studies released, practices encouraged, and so on. Added to this is the sheer quantity of data cascading in every direction and from sources as innumerable as they are diverse. Fortunately, the work of quantifying and analyzing that data is readily achievable with the aid of advanced Artificial Intelligence software engineered with the specific goal of delivering usable reporting. And because this is Genius Monkey engineering, the human component is not more than ornamental, it is the service’s bedrock.

Quants as Explained by Genius Monkey

We hear a lot about algorithms in public discourse. People are often curious as to the specific formulations of a given search engine’s algorithm(s), for instance, and the term itself seems to be tossed about in conversations where its presence is at once confusing and illuminating. So, since we’ve brought it up, what does the concept of an algorithm have to do with digital advertising? We’ll avoid the temptation to get overly technical here and instead note that a carefully calculated algorithm can help marketers glean precise insights from immeasurably large tracts of raw information. It’s known as “quantitative analysis” to most, but we prefer “quants” for reasons of simplicity.

A thorough round of sustained digital advertising can leave a marketing department with more unfiltered and uncontextualized information than they’re able to manage in anything like a reasonable amount of time. Unless, that is, the department is outfitted with modern AI technology to assist with the organization/parsing of that information. Our quants are designed to function in exactly that way.

Where’s the Human Component?

As often as the word “algorithm” appears in everyday conversation these days, it’s probably nowhere near as prevalent as “AI,” which continually shows up in places ranging from technology summits to philosophy symposiums. There’s plenty to say on the subject, but for Genius Monkey’s part, we’ll leave it at this: the human component of AI is non-negotiable. We ensure our AI-based services are closely tied to human oversight in a way that keeps the resultant product comprehensible and places the daily user at the helm. Quantitative analysis ultimately requires a human mind to translate the output in a way that matters to our clients - that’s an essential aspect of our platform.

How Do We Render the Data Actionable?

Quantitative analysis is a means of graduating the concept of conventional reporting to a more precise and immediately useful level. The audience profile(s) its algorithmic programming yields will allow for efficient allocation of digital advertising resources predicated upon properly calculated behavior, device, and channel analyses. If the data were to accumulate in the absence of AI engineered specifically to distill it into something accessible, its use would be comparatively limited. Furthermore, if that distillation were to materialize without the human element firmly in place, its context would be negated. Genius Monkey addresses both pieces: AI helps you with the calculations while our human minds do their part with the comprehending.

Effective strategic marketing requires dealing with and contextualizing enormous bodies of data flowing in from any number of sources. There’s no need to pit your mind against that cavalcade unaided. Find your footing on steady ground and leverage the tools Genius Monkey has worked to perfect in service to a streamlined quantifying of information.

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