March 6, 2024

In the News: Genius Monkey Featured on

In the News: Genius Monkey Featured on

Featured on, Jordan Sporgis held an interview with Genius Monkey COO Travis Champ to discuss how Genius Monkey has remained one of the top programmatic options in the space by leveraging data for unparalleled insight into the programmatic journey. Check out some of the highlights here or see more on HostingAdvice.

On the problems modern advertisers face in digital marketing:

“All too often in the digital realm, advertisers are going to several different networks or DSPs to try and run their ads and then have to learn the nuances of each, set up individual campaigns in each, go through reporting for each individually, and it just takes way too much time and creates margin for error,” said Travis Champ… “Whether the advertiser is a direct brand or agency, managing many different campaigns across many different DSPs gets overwhelming quickly. We saw this problem, so our mission is to simplify and automate the whole process.”

On how Genius Monkey tackles this issue:

Genius Monkey knows that marketing is an art and a science. “Advertisers can do a simple buy through us, and it gets into 10, 15, 20+ DSPs without them having to learn anything about any of them or do any heavy lifting,” Travis explained. “We pull in all the reporting into a very accessible and digestible dashboard that has a proprietary path to conversion tracking. This tracking allows billions of data points to be rolled up into a robust attribution report, allowing advertisers to see the true effect of their advertising dollars.” This, Travis said, simplifies the whole process for advertisers so they can have a smaller team and that has significantly less work to try and manage highly effective marketing campaigns.

Is it effective?

Case studies show how consistent its results are, whether it’s a decreased cost per conversion with better ROAS or targeting the exact audience with surprise sky-high conversion rates.

On the industry’s shift toward automation:

Travis noted many companies are moving away from traditional agencies and instead establishing in-house marketing departments, similar to what was commonplace in the early-mid 2000s. But factors like wanting lower costs and creative control over strategies mark a shift. Genius Monkey is proof that the marketing industry is shifting.

“I think you’ll see a lot more people move toward fully automated systems that do a lot of the data analysis for them and just let them reap the benefits,” said Travis.

On what is next for the platform:

Over the past six months, they’ve integrated new partners to provide an identity graph enabling household mapping, allowing for a better understanding of the household’s technology usage and habits.

“This partnership helps us map every device that a household has correlated with it so that we know every phone, TV, iPad, smartwatch, etc., that may connect to their home and workplace IP address, and can then tie those individual device IDs to those individuals even when they leave those IP addresses. This means if we serve a cellphone at a work office with 10 impressions, but they convert on a laptop on their home IP address, we can map those cellphone impressions to that laptop conversion,” Travis explained. “We have gained a complete understanding of how these devices interact.”

In conclusion:

If you want to get your brand in front of your exact target audience, then don’t miss out on Genius Monkey and its clever AI- and data-driven platform.

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