September 18, 2019

How to think about marketing, real-time adjustments, and reporting

How much time should you spend on any one task, initiative, idea, et cetera? In business, that’s always been the question, in one form or another. The truth of it is, we’re all operating in relation to a time measurement of some sort, both professionally and in every other aspect of our lives. Where your company’s operations are concerned–in marketing, specifically–that reality is further complicated by audience behaviors and marketplace trends over which no single person has control. What Genius Monkey does have, however, is the means of tracking those behaviors/trends and organizing our findings via tools like Omni Monkey. Those tools can be utilized by companies like your own or on behalf of your clients to allow for real-time advertising adjustments which are best handled via automated measures.

Measuring the Seconds

We tend to track and think about time in somewhat inconsistent ways. We might speak with positive anticipation about an impending “long” vacation… two weeks, let’s say. In the same conversation, we may describe our tenure with a given employer as having been very brief, at merely a year. The year seems short for some reason, while the two-week vacation seems long. This is where mention of time’s relative nature would typically go, and where it probably belongs. But the point here is that the human mind doesn’t seem predisposed to measuring or considering time in a strictly consistent sense. Yet, doing so in the interest of competitive and agile business management is non-optional these days.

Responding in Real-Time

In marketing, the adoption of a responsive posture in relation to changing circumstances is a fixed requisite. Specifically, a business needs to know its resources are being spent/applied with aggressive efficiency and maximum accuracy. Doing so requires a realistic understanding of how quickly things shift in the advertising space. And while making individual allocation adjustments does not necessarily require time invested, monitoring your advertising presence to know when it’s necessary to do so. Advertisement is best updated/adjusted on a second-by-second basis, which is to say it should be automated wherever possible. This is the purpose of Omni Monkey.

What Omni Monkey Ultimately Does For You

Think of it like this: marketing campaigns march alongside speculation and are unavoidably influenced by it. Our responsibility to every client is to minimize the need for guessing by applying our experience and taking cues from real-time data as it materializes. Omni Monkey is our best tool for overseeing this work, and is your best ally with which to create advertising clarity for yourself or for your clients. Responsive adjustments carried out in a device-agnostic manner are of enormous value to marketing professionals who know the value of programmatic advertising, particularly when it’s fueled by detailed data.

Digital advertising is an intricate process of constant fine-tuning, which requires both dedicated attention and advanced software. It’s very possible your company keeps a well-trained marketing team on the payroll, and they probably do their work well. Where Genius Monkey comes into play is in providing the tools they (and you) need to responsively shift advertising resources in real-time. There is an algorithmic component in play, one with which our team is closely familiar. We’re here to share our knowledge of such things to ensure your business reaches audiences in ways that are both strategic and measurable.

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