November 22, 2017

How to Get and Keep Consumer Attention

The cost of human attention has increased 700 — 800% in real terms over the last 27 years. It is the most drastic increase in any business expense over the last quarter-decade. Because of its value, human attention is a commodity in the advertising market. This is why marketers must remain up-to-date with the latest “attention-grabbing” technology as they decide on an advertising platform. They need to take the most cost-effective steps to get the most out of their adspend.

With the mobile movement on fire, it’s a constant battle to capture (and keep) the attention of consumers, especially with the continual bombardment of information coming in from every direction, and location. But, the problem herein lies the fact that the human brain can only hold so much data before it stops absorbing, and starts to fatigue. So, the fight to reach and engage targeted audiences just became the “main event.”

Attention can be obtained by two means; it can be purchased, or it can be earned. Those that pay to gain consumers’ attention have full control over where, when and what is presented. There are mediums with massive outreach, especially with the advent of digital marketing.

With earned attention, marketers do not have control over where, when and what is presented. This kind of attention is gained when people or media, such as news stations, offer their thoughts and opinions regarding a brand.

Here are four effective ways to grab consumer attention:

Don’t Get Too AggressiveConsumers don’t like feeling as though they’re being pushed. Viewers tend to automatically pull away, or retreat from products that have branding that is too bold; too prominent. Interestingly, the bigger logos, and those in the center of the screen, all resulted in lower viewing numbers. Sometimes the action is subliminal, but the mind still knows that it’s being “persuaded.”

Invoke Positive FeelingsUsing emotion-induced engagement studies, researchers have found that when it comes to online video ads, surprise, joy, or a combination of the two are the best ways to gain and retain viewers. In addition, delivering messages quickly and in the right moments is imperative in order to build engagement and generate earned attention. Consumers share their opinions of a business with which they have had a happy, positive experience.

Take Them on an Emotional RideUsing facial-recognition technology, researchers found that viewers are more prone to continue watching a digital video ad if they experience emotional ups and downs while they do.

Select Your Audience CarefullyThe golden ad combo is when a symbiotic relationship occurs, where the consumers and advertisers find the content to be mutually beneficial. Some consumers forward your email, or share your video, or re-tweet your content; not so much to help your company, but to share something with their friends that they believe they’ll love.

At the end of the day, marketers must realize that consumers have rather limited attention spans, so they must attract, and keep, the interest of their viewers right off the bat.

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