December 12, 2018

Holiday Deal Seekers are a Different Brand!

The researchers at Google are as dedicated at watching shoppers as avid bird watchers are at tracking down the ever-so-rare Helmeted Hornbill. This year, Google is scouting out the holiday Bargain Hunters – who they are, where they shop, and how to reach out to them during this festive (and active) season.

Who are the Bargain Hunters?

While great bargains aren’t the only thing that Bargain Hunters hunt, they sure love to find them, and it’s very difficult for them to turn one down. It’s that “great bargain” that will usually close the deal.

How Do the Bargain Hunters Shop?

These seekers of savings do a lot of comparison shopping, as it is the “deal” that drives them. They go online and get busy on the research. Over half of these Bargain Hunters say that they visit multiple websites before they decide just what to buy, and from whom to buy it. So, the brand that wants to win the business of these selective shoppers must be ready to capture them, and the best way to do that is to be in front of them all the time, on multiple screens and devices.

How to Reach the Bargain Hunter

While it has been established that this is a mobile-using crowd, there are a few more things to remember that will assist you on your “hunt for the hunters.”

Bargain Hunters aren’t really rare birds, as they will be all over the place over the holidays. If you, as a brand marketer, understand how to programmatically identify them and what they are searching for … and if you are in front of them during the critical moments, you’ll be way ahead of the game.

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