April 5, 2018

Genius Monkey's Newest Innovation

Genius Monkey’s new “Conversion Cycle Report” (CCR) is the latest nugget to be added to our treasure trove of state-of-the-art targeted digital programmatic tools. This new report increases the effectiveness of our digital marketing efforts and improves client ROI.

Our CCR is the brainchild of the development team at Genius Monkey. It analyzes the average time, as well as the number of touches it takes for the user to go from being a browsing customer, to being a paying customer; measuring from the time we initially serve the impression to the time that the consumer converts. And, while the goal of marketers is to see their sales go through the roof, it takes some time for the ads to get out there and be seen in order to gain brand recognition. This report helps us analyze how many touches it takes, and how to set our budgets accordingly, in order to achieve successful targeted advertising. It also helps us to understand the peak timeline in which the conversions actually take place, allowing us to optimize our clients’ digital marketing campaigns to their fullest.

Our new Conversion Cycle Report helps marketers determine the effectiveness of their ad, and gives them the ability to measure the responses, and adjust accordingly. Even though we see conversions in as little as one day, the average peak is closer to 90 days. In order to achieve the highest number of conversions, it takes optimization, branding and patience. More importantly, according to the data we have collected, it can take more than 50 touchpoints (or impressions) in order to make the customer feel familiar enough with your brand to do business with you. So, even though we see micro success on campaigns happen in as little as one day, we are able to pinpoint where the peak of success is on both the timeline and the number of touches it takes.

Our Genius Monkey clients often inquire as to how many impressions it takes before the customer converts. Throughout the nine years we’ve been specializing in digital programmatic marketing, we have found that the number of impressions really isn’t that important; it can range from just a single impression to hundreds. More important than the number of impressions it takes, is understanding the concept of being in front of the customer at all times, on all screens.

Often marketers tighten their ad budgets by capping off the number of impressions delivered to consumers. We see this carried on in an attempt to analyze traditional reach and frequency numbers in the modern digital age. This practice has gone on for years. They do this in order to reach more consumers with less ads delivered per person. Unless they are paying CPM (Cost Per Thousand), this isn’t an effective strategy. At Genius Monkey, our sole focus is to get them to convert, no matter the amount of impressions, because our clients don’t pay per impression … they’re paying per click! If a marketer is serving the right crowd, he or she shouldn’t need caps, anyway.

The new Conversion Cycle Report by Genius Monkey will answer a great number of questions for our clients about how their advertising platform is performing. They will actually be able to get a visual on the time factor, and how long it takes for customers to make a purchase. So, how many impressions does it take to get one customer to convert? It’s an easy answer-as many as it takes!

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