September 21, 2022

Genius Monkey ROI Reporting and Attribution Tools Drive Increased Returns

Genius Monkey Reporting ROI and Attribution

A great marketing campaign is nothing without the ability to track and visualize it through a full stack of reporting and attribution readily available at the advertiser’s hands. You can have the best visuals and messaging in the world, but if you can’t track performance, the campaign is virtually useless.

At Genius Monkey, every client receives access to their very own personalized client dashboard. This is their one-stop spot to track and view all campaign data.

What our Reporting Dashboard Tracks

With simple navigation, this dashboard combines data from all campaigns to provide a complete picture of any date range of performance, so clients can better optimize their marketing campaigns.

The dashboard covers details like:

Through Genius Monkey’s dashboard you can confidently plan, evaluate, and make actionable decisions based on your campaigns data all in one place.

What our programmatic clients are saying

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it. One of our clients, Mylene Mitchell with Canales Furniture, gave praise to the user-friendly Genius Monkey dashboard, saying, “We love reviewing and analyzing the numbers, conversions, and slicing data in different ways such as by demographics. That’s very important for us to see how our campaigns are working, as well as the pages that are working the best on our website.”

Another client, Katie Wurdack with Colorado State University, speaks to how valuable path-to-conversion reports are in our case study interview video with her.

Ryan Budd, with Sedgwick Temporary Housing, had this to say about his Genius Monkey dashboard experience: “The Genius Monkey platform is easy to understand, and they have been very patient in answering all of our questions. We have had a lot of success with programmatic advertising.”

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