January 1, 2015

Finding the Right Consumers

For years, marketers have been trying to sell their goods and services by advertising to the general population, hoping that someone in the crowd would want or need what they’re touting. That’s like rowing your boat out onto the lake with the hopes of catching, let’s say, a rainbow trout. Even though you’re not sure that rainbow trout even live in this lake you’re on, you place a mini marshmallow (who doesn’t love marshmallows?) on the hook, and drop it in, hoping that the trout just happens to come by, see your bait, and take it. How much easier would fishing be if you knew that there were definitely rainbow trout in the lake, where they typically hung out and when they were there, what they liked most to eat and in what weather they liked to eat it? If you knew all of this information, you’d fill your boat full of fish right away. This example is not unlike the effectiveness of programmatic advertising.

Traditional advertising is like selling snowshoes to folks that live in the desert. You cast your message out to the masses, and you reach a whole lot of people but are they the right people? Are they the ones that want, and need, your snowshoes, or are you wasting advertising dollars on people that don’t even know what it’s like to build a snowman?

Programmatic marketing has changed the way we reach consumers. It gives marketers a more intelligent way to connect with them, one to one. It’s based on the automated buying and selling of online advertising.

Here’s how it works:

You own a snowshoe store called The Snow Shop, and you want to sell more snowshoes. You hire a programmatic marketing platform like Genius Monkey that can identify and pinpoint online shoppers by demographics, geography, interests, behaviors, time of day, weather and what devices they’re using. Once this information is learned, your ad will be going out to consumers who all live in snowy states. They are all highly educated, consume winter gear across multiple devices, and they do it during their lunch break on sunny days. This type of information is priceless to the Snow Shop, because to target the same consumers using old school advertising techniques would be very challenging. However, this is easy for a programmatic marketing platform like Genius Monkey; it’s what we do.

We gather and use real time, first and third party data to identify the absolute best online audience for the particular ad campaign. We then purchase digital ad inventory at the best prices, one impression at a time across multiple devices, and we do it in places that the audience cares about. If needed, we also build direct relationships with publishers that have the audience we need to reach. These ads can be extremely personalized based on the unique interests and behaviors of each consumer. Intelligent connections are made, insights are generated and performance is optimized. This is all done in real time, and is way more efficient than the traditional advertising we’ve become so used to. The precision of programmatic marketing saves money, drives growth and greatly increases your ROI.

Programmatic advertising works for any marketer, with any demographic. For more information about how to target the audience who needs and wants what you’re marketing, and connect intelligently, visit

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