March 24, 2015

Seven Tips for Effective Marketing

Marketing is comprised of a host of factors, but the only factor that really counts is the results achieved by it. The key to achieving these results requires that you are adaptive and forward thinking. You must be involved with an effective marketing strategy that allows you to adapt your plans as new technology evolves, and nobody understands the evolution of technology more than Genius Monkey!

You may have noticed that those who are successful in their promotional strategies are usually very energetic, always thinking and coming up with innovations. They are also wise enough to bring in the experts when they aren’t capable of doing it themselves.

In order to tap into this marketing magic, you need to be “in the moment” at all times with respect to promoting your business and reaching your marketing goals. No matter whom you are talking to, or what you are doing, you should be promoting your goods. This enthusiasm will help you achieve your marketing goals and will help you seek resources, which will help create high-powered results.

Here is a list of seven ways to get the marketing ball rolling:

  1. Keep your business on your mind always! Whether you’re relaxing by the pool, camping in the woods or visiting with friends, make sure to promote your company. It doesn’t need to be completely obvious all the time; it can be very subtle practically invisible. However, everything you do should have a positive reaction for your business down the road, or instantly. The degree to which you keep your business in your back pocket will ultimately have an effect on your marketing goals. Our “Genius Primates” keep up to date on all of the latest technology, and can implement it into your business promotion.
  2. Measure the results of your ads. Without the ability to know which marketing tactic is working, you’ll never learn how to grow! You can’t utilize your marketing budget to its best if you don’t know the effectiveness. Genius Monkey will not only devise a strategy, but we can also measure the results and make the necessary adjustments to realize the full potential.
  3. It’s all about ROI (Return on Investment). You want to get the biggest bang for your marketing buck. This is how to measure the real cost of advertising; it’s not the price of the ad, but the return on your marketing investment that it produces. A business owner must be willing to spend a little more upfront in order to assure that the bottom line grows at the other end.
  4. You must be an “Insider.” Stay active within your industry. Get to know your competitors, and gauge the effectiveness of their marketing strategies against yours. Visit with those business owners who have been successful. Glean what you can from them, and implement the good advice into your marketing plan. Be involved with your community. As your network of contacts and resources expands, so do your marketing opportunities.
  5. Be very aware of your demographics. The effectiveness of programmatic marketing is unparalleled, but you must determine your market Who they are, where they are, when they are there, what their hobbies are, what their occupations are, where they congregate, what they want to buy and why they want to buy it. Once you determine your market, you can start saturating them with opportunity, letting them know what’s in it for them. This is just the kind of thing that Genius Monkey specializes in making businesses successful through effective target marketing.
  6. Provide plenty of information. As you have most likely experienced, we humans get interested in something, and we seek a great deal of information on it until we end up making the purchase. Make sure that your business provides adequate information that will convince anyone on the cusp of making the purchase, that your company is the right one to get it from. Know the benefits of doing business with your company. Let the potential customers in on the best reasons to buy from you. You will win over more customers with information, rather than efforts to push them into the deal. This is where programmatic advertising really comes in for the close! If the people that you reach are already shopping for the goods or services you provide, you’re 90% of the way to the sale. Provide enough information so that your customers feel empowered as shoppers and decision makers.
  7. The power of words is usually way underestimated. However, in the marketing world, content is king! A skilled marketer can craft words that create a sense of urgency in the buyers. It’s words that can evoke emotions and conjure up vivid, seductive mental imagery. According to the poet, Rudyard Kipling, “Words are a powerful drug.” You, as a marketer, can seize the power of this drug to induce a want or a need upon the members of your target demographic.

The use of these seven tips is not an option, but a requirement to achieve success in reaching your financial goals and creating successful marketing strategies. Genius Monkey can get you there, and can keep you in your front-running spot. Give us a call and we can discuss your future success.

Interested in learning more about how Genius Monkey can boost your conversion rates today?

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