January 29, 2020

Economies Fluctuate (Should Marketing Practices Do the Same?)

It became so complicated so quickly. But early on, what could have been simpler than the idea of trade? You and another person find that each has something the other wants or could use, so… you make a deal, you go home, and you wonder (invariably) if you got the better end of that deal. Simple. As of today, trade, shipping, production, and macroeconomics in general have jointly amalgamated into a phenomenon of such complexity as to place it nearly on par with advanced calculus in terms of properly understanding its every facet. But what does such complexity mean from an advertising standpoint? Genius Monkey has a position on that very subject.

What Matters in Advertising

Presence. As obvious as it is to say, maintaining your company’s advertising presence will always matter. What’s important is ensuring that your advertising presence is sufficiently agile to respond as the market shifts and consumers change their priorities and behaviors. A successful holiday marketing campaign is unlikely to offer continued success as the holidays subside. Likewise, a campaign solely focused on one product or event is by its very nature limited in its longer-term effectiveness. Emplacing a formidable and strategically responsive advertising structure will insulate your more sustained presence from being outright irrelevant. This is where programmatic advertising becomes an obvious necessity.

Making Necessary Adjustments

Nothing is static in the world economy… or any economy, for that matter. And with the complexity of the market always in play, your advertising strategy should be as fluid in terms of allocation as it is accessible in its messaging. A well-constructed, sophisticated programmatic platform is your advertising fluidity, by all measures. It is responsive to changing consumer behaviors and ensures your ongoing campaign investments are managed in direct relation to marketplace pressures and opportunities. Genius Monkey’s programmatic model maximizes each client’s investment in real-time via software mechanisms created and constantly improved upon to present potential customers with your relevant online advertising content. Such ongoing work is necessarily time-intensive if done manually, which is why our software conducts every transaction automatically and in the space of seconds. It’s the only way to remain consistently competitive in so complex a space.

When to Remain Steady

Even with a programmatic platform operating in your best interests, there will be times when it appears as though a major shift in allocation is appropriate, even mandatory. What’s ideal about such situations is that you’ll recognize them immediately. Still, the need for an advertising presence remains - and having a programmatic system in place is your insurance against over or underspending as the market dictates. Consider it your advertising bedrock, a fixture on which to stand firmly while all else fluctuates around you. It’s an advisable alternative to checking the news every other minute.

If you have the time to keep up with all that’s happening economically in the world from one moment to the next, you probably don’t have the time to manage a marketing operation. But if you are managing a marketing operation, you should probably have some idea as to how well your marketing efforts align with your customers’ expectations of a strong brand message, regardless of the macroeconomic scene at any given moment. Genius Monkey’s platform provides clients with an objective means of evaluating those efforts while serving as a solid recommendation vehicle for ongoing digital advertising strategies.

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