January 16, 2020

Data Resources (and Their Increasing Importance)


Based on what you’re looking to find, data (and information more broadly) are often entirely free. Now, this certainly isn’t true of trade secrets and the like, but otherwise there’s a lot to be gleaned from simply paying attention to current events and, where your own business is concerned, to consumer patterns. That’s what data really is when everything is taken into account – information we’re willing to acknowledge and, to the best of our ability, act upon. What Genius Monkey has long recognized is that advertising data as a concept is more than a set of figures on a spreadsheet – it is a window into how your customers connect with your brand, with your various interfaces, and finally with the transactional aspect(s) of your business. Taking matters beyond mere accumulation and observation is where our platform comes into play.

An Industry-Tailored Description

It’s been a trope in the science-fiction genre for decades: the idea that raw numerical values will eventually supplant, to a great extent, the vital substance of human experience. And with the term \“data\” enjoying ubiquitous employment throughout the business sector, there may have been something to that prediction. But for our purposes, consumer/customer data is comparatively benign; it is rather a collection of figures which, understood correctly, allow us to create an accurate depiction of activity and/or responses relative to our advertising campaigns and brand positioning exercises more widely. Its strategic usage is something else entirely.

Our Resources

Genius Monkey is in partnership with several companies that specialize in the complex work of data aggregation and reporting. Furthermore, our proprietary software provides clients with a valuable resource in the form of real-time data assessments, allowing for quick corrections/adjustments to advertising spends and allocations. A lack of accurate customer data prevents such adjustments from being made before the investment has been compromised. Our partnership model and in-house technologies keep you on the front foot where deploying your advertising data resources is concerned.

Where Genius Monkey Does Its Best Work

Good moments at Genius Monkey are those in which we can present a client or agency with a useful report; one teeming with relevant data points. With that much in hand, we then go about articulating a narrative centered on a given client’s marketing strategy/investment, their desired conversion figures, and their actual results. All of this is corroborated with concise, accurately sourced information with which a clear evaluation is both achievable and accessible. We eliminate speculation and uncertainty wherever possible and mitigate both as necessary. What the client leaves with is a comprehensive sense of how their marketing work has been received by its target audience along with what adjustments might be necessary. It’s always been a matter of creating connections between data and the end-user. That is where Genius Monkey excels by every measure.


The information is all there, and it’s accumulating by the second. There’s more of it than any one person will ever need, and just enough to help us better understand the advertising world in myriad ways. Knowing that, the subsequent and intuitive step is to familiarize yourself with the tools wielded and data resources tapped by those most closely connected to the programmatic advertising space. Genius Monkey is a terrific partner in the data management/organization world, as our approach takes present-day lessons into account while working to anticipate and correct for likely evolutions in that world.

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