November 26, 2019

Collaboration in Advertising

How much can any one person do entirely on their own? The question is, of course, rhetorical. Even the most competent human being presently moving about modern society is dependent on countless tradesmen, industry professionals, and laborers of all sorts to keep our civilization intact (well, mostly intact). Unsurprisingly, this logic also extends upwards. No single business can operate independently of thousands of others which jointly maintain the economy and serve the marketplace in their own ways. At Genius Monkey, we ardently believe in the principle of collaboration as being a net positive for all. Here’s an overview of the role it plays in digital advertising.

Advertising as a Collaborative Process

The term itself is subject to much interpretation in a marketing context: collaborative advertising. Collaborate in what way(s), specifically? To put it directly, there are many ways to be heard in the media marketplace, and limiting your messaging to a single channel, outlet, or platform is far from advisable. To collaborate with others in achieving your desired awareness (and conversion) goals requires that you recognize where your brand or that of your client experiences the most organic traffic and where it stands to benefit from the traffic and visibility of others. In some cases, this might mean allowing your industry’s advertising ecosystem to flourish by working in conjunction with competitors. In others, it could well mean entrusting a credible programmatic operation to orchestrate a multifaceted marketing effort in support of your marketing goals. We happen to have a credible operation in mind.

Why This Is Important to Genius Monkey

The Genius Monkey business model is very much predicated on strong and strategic partnerships which facilitate our conducting savvy, measurably effective marketing campaigns. It requires ongoing legwork and a shrewd understanding of a media environment that evolves with relentless rapidity–and we’re happy to be immersed in it. That legwork creates for us a competitive edge with which we are able to synthesize intricate advertising/conversion campaigns for clients who might not have as a clear a picture of the media landscape. When doing business with Genius Monkey, you will have the convenience of doing business with a single group while benefiting from the capabilities and marketplace proficiencies of our partner network. There is a symphonic component to the whole enterprise, and one to which we are always contributing notes of our own.

Ready to Collaborate?

It’s all pretty straightforward, at least for you and our other clients. Utilizing Genius Monkey’s programmatic technology/platform is your means of leveraging our partnership model. This has an amplifying effect which means a lot for you, as it results in favorable conversion numbers. It also means a lot for us, as in measuring such effects we can consistently evaluate the particular strengths and vulnerabilities of our collaborative network; from there, it’s a matter of adjusting where necessary and furthering our understanding of the industry. Just one of many advantages yielded by strong advertising collaboration.

Business is a perennial exercise in outdoing/outperforming one’s competitors. It compels the selling mind, it drives entrepreneurs, and it keeps established companies from settling into an overly comfortable mindset. But where advertising is concerned, collaboration is an advisable departure from the standard winning/losing psychology that shapes so many professional outlooks. Take it from us at Genius Monkey, there’s a time to collaborate and a good reason to do so where mutual success is in reach.

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