December 15, 2016

Click Fraud Contaminates Measurement and Validation

The measurement and tracking of today’s advertising results is easily contaminated; plagued by malicious fraudulent activity. In order to validate the effectiveness of a company’s ad spend, all efforts must be put forth to eliminate ad fraud from their programmatic advertising system. But as attractive as that sounds, is it really possible? The answer is a resounding “YES!” One way to accomplish this is to utilize the services of multiple (and reputable) third-party validation companies, incorporating just one of them to oversee what the others are doing with the campaign. At Genius Monkey, we use zvelo.

In an ideal marketing world, fraudulent and malicious inventory would be unable to make its way into the marketplace, and advertisers and agencies would not have to go to such extents to keep from having their measurement results negatively affected by fraud. Every active participant in the supply chain would make continual efforts to act as a checkpoint to catch, and eliminate it.

However, we don’t live in a perfect world, and not all participants are shouldering their respective load. In essence, this means that brands, or their digital marketing representatives, must take every measure in their wheelhouse to protect their clients, along with their ad budgets, from the effects of malicious fraud.

How does Genius Monkey stop over 130% more ad fraud than industry averages?


At Genius Monkey, our goal is to drive the maximum number of engagements and conversions from as many networks, devices and mediums as possible; all while assuring that the performance and measurement of our marketing efforts is not being negatively debased or tainted by malicious fraud. Regardless of the fact that Genius Monkey doesn’t charge our clients for potential bot traffic, we understand that performance hinges on driving the highest-quality traffic. This is one of the reasons that we continually seek out ways to further optimize performance and effectiveness.


In theory, if you, as a marketer, could create a system with multiple layers of filtration (in addition to what is employed by the networks and any integrated validation partners), you could take ad fraud prevention several steps further, ensuring a much higher level of performance. Some of the prevention measures Genius Monkey incorporates for the protection and integrity of the ads placed on behalf of their clients are:


After months of putting into place the safety and security measures heretofore listed, Genius Monkey has proven that their system is able to:

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