February 20, 2019

What is it Like to Chat With a Monkey? (Part 3)

One of the major keys to Genius Monkey’s success, is making sure we get your ads in front of the right people. One of the ways that we’ve aligned ourselves with our clients (or with our partners, as we like to refer to them), is by making sure that we’re going after the right crowd. That’s simply because if we don’t get in front of the right people, they’re not going to click on the ads.

One of the ways that we get the ads in front of the proper faces is by leveraging access to companies like:

These companies are collecting all the crumbs of data that consumers leave behind throughout the course of their day. Now, Genius Monkey’s approach to this is that the more data that we pull, the more accurate we’re going to be, and a higher likelihood of success that you’re going to have.

To offer an admittedly ridiculous example of what can be done with this data: Let’s say you approach us at Genius Monkey and you say, “My client is a female professional, 25 to 35-years-old with a master’s degree, living in zip code 90210, currently driving an Audi A5 with nine months left on the lease and carries a Louis Vuitton handbag with a Chiweenie in it. Oh, and she gets her nails done every Friday. Our first response would most likely be, “Sure, and while we’re at it, can we add a minimum credit score or a political affiliation?” In other words, the sky’s the limit.

Genius Monkey can go after anything and everything with our precision targeting. We are careful though, to refrain from targeting just for the sake of targeting. We always want to assure that targeting is something that will add to the performance of the campaign.

Some of the other manners in which we can target can be based on purchase history, demographic information, specific geographic areas, etc. Also, we can access who people are receiving emails from, what key words they’re searching for, as well as contextual keyword targeting. We use keywords found within the body of messages such as emails, or what websites they’re visiting. For the automotive industry, as an example, we’d look at, AutoTrader, or even your competitor’s site!

Simply put, any of these places that we would expect people to touch, or go to, or receive emails from as they make their way along their purchase journey – we must be there. Their behavior, online and offline, helps us to better target them by narrowing down the field. We can also pull first party information from your CRM system, to leverage current customer base.

Once we obtain that information, we know to whom we are marketing, making it possible for us to create our own customer base. We want to continue to stay in front of these people, and probably more importantly, create lookalike audiences based upon our core customer base.

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