April 14, 2016

Genius Monkey Strikes Deal with Zvelo, Taking Brand Safety to the Next Level

SUMMARY: In order to protect the brand safety and ROI of each of their programmatic advertising clients, Tempe, Arizona-based Genius Monkey will take it up a notch by implementing the malicious detection and content categorization via their new partner, zvelo, out of Colorado.

Phoenix, AZ (USA) - Genius Monkey is pleased to announce that they have struck a deal with zvelo, the leading provider of website content categorization and malicious detection services.

Genius Monkey is committed to pushing the digital advertising industry forward, using a combination of holistic and agnostic state-of-the-art technology, coupled with an unprecedented concept of customer service.

After running very successful beta tests, Genius Monkey has added to their current layers of protection by integrating two zvelo products, zveloSHIELD & zveloLOGIC. In an effort to thwart malicious activity in their clients’ websites, such as fraud, malicious sites, low quality traffic and botnets, Genius Monkey utilizes the product zveloSHIELD™. To get the most advanced content categorization solution available, along with insights into content, context, keyword, and content streams such as social media, Genius Monkey will be incorporating zveloLOGIC™.

According to Jeremy Hudgens, SVP and Director of Client Solutions of Genius Monkey, “We have taken great strides in protecting the ads and the brand safety of our clients. There are a lot of great validation and safety tools that are currently implemented at the DSP levels, but we’re stepping things up a notch by implementing, through zvelo, a special layer of protection that we feel our competitors don’t have. We refer to it as ‘policing the police’ and we are very excited to be working with this innovative company.”

As if the anti malicious and fraud detection isn’t enough, one of the most impressive features Hudgens mentioned was the real-time blacklisting capabilities that they can now add to their current blacklisting system.

Currently, most companies are only getting content category data at the domain level itself. zveloSHIELD’s capabilities allow Genius Monkey to get category data at the full URL level. This means that if an ad targeted customer is reading an article deep within the site about how to get the best rate on a mortgage via a general blog or news site, they can now categorize this as someone who reads home or mortgage news-based content vs. just a generic news category.

Hudgens added, “This really takes us up a notch in our industry, and we now offer our clients something others are not. It helps us provide ultimate brand safety coupled with superior targeting, and keeps Genius Monkey on the leading edge of programmatic advertising advancement.”

Both Genius Monkey and zvelo have a reputation of only partnering with the top entities in the marketing industry, passing on the benefits of such expertise to their advertising clients. zvelo has proven to be the industry’s frontrunner in content and contextual categorization, as well protecting marketers from botnets and malicious sites. They have become the trusted partner for the ad industry’s preeminent ad tech.

With the programmatic service offered by Genius Monkey, businesses can now reach millions of targeted customers through an agnostic and holistic integration of information collected via behavioral databases into all the ad networks, channels and devices. It makes keeping up with advertising operations straightforward and uncomplicated, and all at a fraction of the cost of most digital marketing.

About Genius Monkey

Genius Monkey provides both agencies and brand marketers access to their team of “highly intelligent primates” who can increase the speed of evolution for the average company’s online success by utilizing advanced advertising technology that is fully managed on a price per engagement model. Data-collecting algorithms work to increase brand awareness, website engagement and ROI. By implementing this online marketing strategy, companies reach millions of targeted customers at the right time and the lowest cost with ease and convenience while taking the stress out of doing it in-house.

For more information on Genius Monkey, or current trends in the online marketing and advertising industry, visit Genius Monkey online at

About zvelo, Inc. As the proven market leader for content and contextual categorization, as well as malicious and botnet detection, zvelo is the trusted partner for the market’s preeminent ad tech, network security and mobile subscriber analytics vendors. zvelo solves a diverse range of client business needs including brand safety, web filtering, contextual targeting, subscriber analytics and ad fraud prevention. The processing power, accuracy, coverage and speed of zvelo technology delivers the fastest real-time updates available today.

zvelo is headquartered in Denver, Colorado with offices in the Philippines, Spain and Florida. You can follow them on Twitter at @zvelo.

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