April 19, 2018

All Dayparts are Essential to Successful Marketers

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recently conducted a study in which a range of “Moments for Maximum Engagement” were discovered. This was done by analyzing just how consumers give attention and gain value from interactions with episodic shows, music, news, podcasts, short videos, social media and weather across all dayparts and digital screens.

The study revealed that 82% of Millennials say that they check their social media sites during particular times of the day, if not all day long. Two-thirds (66%) of the Baby Boomers in the study claim to do the same thing. In addition, the top reason for Millennials to check social media are to simply pass the time and to seek entertainment. Conversely, the Baby Boomers are mixing and mingling, looking for connections. These little tidbits of information are part of what Genius Monkey uses to hit an ever-moving target.

Amongst the many programmatic marketing tools Genius Monkey uses, knowing when the best time to reach your target audience, and when their micro-moments occur is very important. It seems as though the various generations have their respective “Prime Times,” or points of highly concentrated engagement throughout the day. These points provide invaluable opportunities for marketers across all mediums and screens, to hone in on their targeted audience. This study validates the fact that brands shouldn’t expect one universal moment of mass engagements. While the size of audience may vary according to the time of day, there are multiple touchpoint opportunities for different generations and markets at different times throughout the day.

Because of the advanced technology of programmatic marketing the ad industry has become a whole new ballgame. Advertisers no longer have to put the word out, hoping that the right person sees or hears it. Thanks to our advanced tracking methods, we know when someone is searching for an item. We can then begin placing ads directly in their path, leading them to where they need to be … on your site or in your shop! We take the hassle away from both the marketer and the shopper. I guess you could say that we’re the perfect matchmaker.

In addition to the times of day, there are differences in the choice of devices used by the different generations. Not surprisingly, the Millennials prefer mobile devices on which to check their social media, while the Baby Boomers prefer to explore their social media on their computers. Once again, an important bread crumb on the trail towards engagement.

In this age of practically unlimited data, it doesn’t make sense for marketers to focus on just big numbers-not when they can benefit by the insights and behaviors of the target audience, which can help them pinpoint the right consumer at the right moments. And those “right moments” are usually captured during their personal prime times!

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