April 19, 2019

New Trends - Digital Advances Still Not Slowing Down!

2019 is upon us, and hopefully your digital marketing strategy is in full gear. At no time can you, as a brand marketer, ever stop advancing. Once marketing progress stops moving forward, it’s moving backwards. The competition is like a pack of angry dogs chasing after you, nipping at your heels. If you slow down they will catch you and eat you.

The best way to keep track of your audience and keep them coming back is to personalize the service you offer and connect on a much deeper level. Get to know your crowd and give them what they need … be there for them around every bend.

There are so many opportunities for you to connect on a deeper level with your audience, increase your impact and expand the possibilities of your company. You can get into the 2019 digital marketing trends that will have a significant impact in the industry, and give you opportunities for growth. Here are two of them:

Chatty Cathy is Out, Chatbots are In

You’ve surely heard the speculations about what happens when the robots take over. That may not be as far away as you think. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has found its way into almost all areas of business; especially when it comes to the field of marketing and customer service. More and more it’s being used to analyze customers’ online behaviors and buying habits. It’s what makes it possible for us here at Genius Monkey to target an audience with precision and deliver the right message to it at the right time.

It was in 2016 when the first artificially-intelligent chatbots began to make an appearance. Now, they’re found just about everywhere as they go to work for companies, large and small. Whether they’re pitching a product to customers or handling customer success inquiries, chatbots are helping to edge that potential purchaser along the path to conversion.

The smarter our AI tools become, the better they will be able to recognize voices and respond to questions and prompts. Their text-based interactions will take on a humanly kind of presence. In fact, nowadays, many shoppers will interact with chatbots and never realize that they are chatting with a robot. These latter-day chatbots actually have names and identities, and can even match and mirror speech patterns.

For addressing customer service questions, chatbots can be deployed on a company’s website so shoppers can chat with a “human” representative 24/7. Not only does this enhance engagement, it improves the consumer experience, which has become a key factor in the online retail space. And, because these chatbots can save small businesses so much money, that experts predict that by the year 2022, they will save the healthcare and banking industries nearly $8 billion!

One of our five pillars of standards here at Genius Monkey is our registered verbiage of “Quants with Human Oversight,” which essentially means that while we can use a great deal of marketing data with these “quants,” we can’t just set it and forget it, like so many other companies do. We know that no computer has ever done anything that its human counterparts didn’t instruct it to do.

So Long, Billboards

Artificial intelligence is also being used for marketing personalization. For instance, at Genius Monkey we use it to expedite our programmatic services all the way through the purchaser’s journey, including proper attribution from the first impression to the purchase. No longer are we in the days of “spray and pray” mass marketing, in which a single message was meant to resonate with millions of people.

Not many digital experts would disagree that personalized marketing is the future of advertisements, and that today’s consumers have come to expect to see tailored product selections and content that is customized specifically to their needs and interests. Now, it’s easier than it has ever been for companies to create custom content, especially when you get to know your target audience and their needs.

You can find digital marketing where technology, business, and anthropology all come together. Each area has been changing at a breakneck pace over the last three years. This year promises to bring with it a lot of great energy and significant changes in the technology sphere. You can bet your favorite chatbot that Genius Monkey will be there … taking notes!

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