May 15, 2019

Ad Targeting In Light of Today's Challenges

In past blogs, we have covered several subjects related to ad targeting and how important it is to keep all your advertising ducks in a row. This is especially true with the challenges that present themselves to the programmatic digital industry in this day and age. Genius Monkey is very familiar with the challenges, and has developed effective ways to overcome them.

Working with players across the advertising ecosystem, from the buy side with brands and agencies, to ad platforms, digital publishers and connected TV networks, we at Genius Monkey continually put our knowledge and technology to work so that we stay well-informed and ahead of the pack about what’s working, and what improvements still need to be made.

Challenges in Today’s Digital Landscape

In 2018, we saw some intriguing advertising dynamics at play. We’re all familiar with the challenge of hitting the right people at the right time, but there are some businesses that are new to the industry, and don’t know how to function in a regulation-compliant manner. This is exacerbated by our current political environment, which is nothing less than divisive and polarizing, making it more difficult for brands to determine what is, and what isn’t, brand safe. Additionally, and this is a biggie, brands need to have the technology in order to adhere to these guidelines. If they don’t have it, they can partner with a company like Genius Monkey, who is a pioneer in the field.

Changing Circumstances

Another current factor to be considered is the sense of urgency that has come about by an accelerated and extended holiday shopping season. It used to be that the busiest shopping period was focused between Thanksgiving and New Years, and brands had all year to get prepared for the rush that was to come in November. That, however, is no longer the case. Now, the holiday shopping season really starts before coffee drinkers consume their first pumpkin spice latte of the year! It’s up to brands to beef up their promotions to be inclusive of the entire shopping season.

Kepping Up With The Growth

In 2019 the programmatic ad-spend is expected to reach $46 billion, which represents 20% of total ad spend. When you hone that down and focus only on digital display, that percentage exceeds more than 80%. With continued annual growth rates of almost 28%, making an effective programmatic campaign and figuring out how to make it work for you, is paramount for marketers.

Once upon a time there was a big focus on content. Content was king – a proxy for audiences. It was associated with interests and behaviors, so consumers were savvy about the content found on the sites from which they were purchasing. Then, the market shifted, and there was really a focus on buying audiences directly.

We’re now starting to see the pendulum swing back to take advantage of both audience, and contextual mechanism, to the best of a company’s ability.

Brand Safety Solutions

As technology has evolved, the visibility and ownership brands can have over their brand-safety solutions have, too. Solutions are way more workable than they used to be, and there’s all kinds of work being done to provide brands with visibility into what is deemed brand safe, or unsafe. It used to be that a page would just get a score, which would flag it as either good or bad. But, the issue is that you don’t know why the page is good, or why it is bad. Also, what is good for one brand, may be bad for another. The current political environment is actually a great example of that.

The takeaway here is that brands are part of a marketing industry that has become incredibly competitive. If you aren’t exercising the best practices and keeping up with the “Techno Tango,” you’ll fall behind. Genius Monkey has had great success building successful programmatic platforms, incorporating their exclusive technology, through which they can accomplish proper live reporting, conversion tracking with full attribution, built-in anti-fraud placement and protection. In fact, if you were to take a look at our pudding, you’d see the proof within!

Interested in learning more about how Genius Monkey can boost your conversion rates today?

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