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23 September

Luxury Brands Can’t Afford to Ignore Programmatic

For luxury brands, loyal relationships and the revenues they bring in are everything. As Genius Monkey has advocated for years, programmatic doesn’t just sell $10 tubes of makeup and Happy Meals at McDonald’s … it also sells $30,000 diamonds and $500,000 homes. American short-story writer and novelist, F Scott Fitzgerald, famously wrote, “The rich are different from you and me.” Comparatively, high-ticket items are different from other goods, too. They do take longer to sell, but by implementing digital programmatic, the ROI and sales numbers are greatly improved. When it comes to these high-dollar items, they’re practically never an impulse buy, rather the consumer does a great deal of shopping and research.
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16 September

Human Oversight is Still a Must

AI is a boon to programmatic advertising, and the “intelligence” in artificial intelligence is getting smarter each day. However, because AI algorithms aren’t able to experience emotion or base decisions on gut instinct, there will always be a need for human oversight to help govern AI technology and ensure proper decisions are being made. Intelligence without oversight isn’t enough When the late Kobe Bryant passed away earlier this year, social media and news agencies went wild reporting the tragedy. This spurred AI into action, prompting numerous programmatic ads for Kobe memorabilia to show up on consumer device screens around the world.
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02 September

What’s My Marketing Data Telling Me?

What’s My Marketing Data Telling Me? Do you know what your marketing data is actually saying? These days, it’s not enough just to collect data on your verticals. You also need to understand what that data is saying so you can actually use it to optimize campaigns. Understanding your vertical data can be tricky, but we have a few tips to help make things easier in our recent Yahoo! Finance publication titled What’s My Marketing Data Telling Me? Genius Monkey Helps You Understand, written by our very own Travis Champ, Director of Operations here at Genius Monkey. Check it out!
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02 September

Why Your OTT Mix Should Go Mobile

When the pandemic forced billions of people to stay home earlier this year, over-the-top (OTT) media skyrocketed as consumers began streaming more video content than ever before. This wasn’t entirely surprising, though. With video streaming revenue expected to grow to $30.4 billion by 2024, OTT has been a marketing go-to for several years. But there’s an often-overlooked OTT video platform that’s held strong and steady despite the turbulence of 2020, and continues to climb even still: mobile video ads. As more and more people steer away from linear and smart TV screens in favor of personal mobile device screens, it only makes sense that video ads should do the same.
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