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23 March

Making the Most of Uncertainty

In these uncertain times with the COVID-19 outbreak, it can be hard for businesses to know how best to proceed. Many companies freeze operations or halt any planned campaigns because they’re unsure of what to expect.

But while the future might feel somewhat unpredictable right now, that doesn’t mean business-as-usual should stop in its tracks; to the contrary. Right now might be the perfect time to push ahead with business plans, especially when it comes to online advertising.

Why, you ask?

Because right now you have a completely captive internet audience. And what’s more, that audience is looking for answers, distractions, and hope.

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17 March

Tested Demographic Segments Lead to Targeted Success

Programmatic advertising has absolutely boomed over the last ten years – and with good reason; it’s effectiveness is unparalleled in the marketing industry. It’s part of the “leaps and bounds” that we have seen happening with the technological marketing landscape

Along with the data come the data providers who are making claims and promises that aren’t always easy to keep. However, dependable and knowledgeable providers are priceless. Genius Monkey uses these sources to develop demographic segments to be incorporated into our advanced marketing technology, so we must utilize data from dependable sources that meet Genius Monkey’s standards of excellence. Knowing which consumer segments provide the greatest opportunities for your brand can transform your clients’ businesses by increasing quality traffic, sales and ROI.

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10 March

Genius Monkey Latest Forbes Publication

We’re excited to announce our latest article published on Forbes! Genius Monkey’s CRO, Jeremy Hudgens, is a proud member of Forbes Business Council, and as such, we have the privilege of publishing articles through Forbes every month or so. Our featured Forbes article last month, titled Trouble In Kansas? Why Coffeyville is Reporting So Much Traffic and What To Do About It, covered the geolocation issues behind Google Analytics default reporting measures.
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10 March

Your Business, AI, and Quantifying Data

It’s difficult to know what things will look like in the business world of next year, let alone the business world of, say, 2030. But we do know that things are changing, and quickly. In some instances, the changes are a boon for the economy as a whole, as has arguably been the case with the rise of e-commerce and online selling more broadly. In others, such change seems better suited to serve the interests of insiders specially equipped to take advantage of its capabilities. Whether this has been true of Artificial Intelligence remains unclear, but that impression certainly has taken root in the minds of many. At Genius Monkey, our goal is to close the distance between AI’s capabilities and our clients’ understanding of said capabilities. There’s little to suggest that the AI community is due to slow down in terms of continued advancement - we’re here to ensure that its most promising aspects can be brought to bear in serving companies like your own.
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03 March

Ad Serving Explained

Point to an industry of any sort and you can almost guarantee there’s a space within it for intermediary parties. In law, you’ll find mediators; in entertainment, you’ll find agents. And in most (or many) cases, these intermediary figures play an important role, even if the earnings seem to be a tad disproportionate. In the digital advertising industry, ad servers have long been the intermediaries whose presence is generally taken for granted. One of the original Genius Monkey aims was to circumvent this aspect of online marketing… and to do so entirely. Achieving that end meant constructing a platform suitably durable and sophisticated to negate the need for a go-between measure of any sort.
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