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22 October

Dare to Do Digital-First

First Things First

First impressions are certainly important. But in today’s world, where consumers are in control of their journey and spend over 50% of their time on a digital device,1 first impressions simply aren’t enough. Brands need to make a lasting impression, across multiple channels and devices, by following targeted consumers through the digital landscape of their personalized customer journeys.

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16 October

Check Out Our New Client Dashboard Features!

Here at Genius Monkey, we’re constantly innovating new ways to provide value to our clients for their digital programmatic ad needs. And one of the most important (and popular) offerings we’ve implemented over the years is a live dashboard for clients to track and monitor their ad efforts.

We understand how important it is for clients to view the progress of their campaigns, but we also understand how complicated it can be to analyze raw data or granular reporting. That’s why, years ago, we introduced an easy-to-read dashboard for our clients. And now we’re making that dashboard even better by adding a few new (and powerful) features.

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09 October

Raising the Bar in Full-Service Fraud Prevention

Digital ad fraud is rampant across the globe, costing the advertising industry billions each year and deeply cutting into the bottom line of countless brands. Due to its uncanny ability to detect, evade and quickly adapt to any protection measures, ad fraud is nearly impossible to eliminate completely.

However, marketers can greatly reduce the risk of malicious ad fraud interfering with campaigns by partnering with digital ad providers whose fraud prevention measures go above and beyond mainstream industry standards. This ensures their digital advertisements have the highest level of protection available.

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