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31 July

CPG Shoppers Are No Pushovers

Have you ever gone to the store to buy a particular brand of – let’s say pants, for the sake of this example – and when you get there you find another brand that seems to fit you well, and costs way less? But, then again, they aren’t your go-to brand with which you’re so familiar. You’d probably do a search and read some reviews, and if they looked impressive to you, you may just go against your “brand instinct.” And, there is nothing wrong with that!

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) is an industry term for merchandise that customers use up and replace on a frequent basis. Examples of consumer packaged goods include food, beverages, cosmetics and cleaning products. … and because shelf space is a finite commodity, the CPG market is highly competitive.

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25 July

Cost per Mille vs Effective Cost per Mille

Cost per Mille vs Effective Cost per Mille

Most advertisers know that CPM stands for “Cost Per Mille” or cost per 1000 impressions. Advertisers set their desired price per 1000 ads served. The CPM rate is a big help to the advertiser to spread their products to a greater audience for an effective advertising cost. It’s also a metric used by marketers to measure the cost of the campaign, and just how much the publisher will get paid for every 1,000 impressions, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the display ads.

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24 July

Genius Monkey Assists Southwestern Automobile Dealership Blog

The subject of this case study is a well-established and highly respected Buick Dealership in the southwest region of the United States. Their business strategy was built on the foundation of creating customer relationships – one at a time. Their mission is dedicated to product, service and community.

They teamed up with Genius Monkey in hopes of taking advantage of our cutting-edge programmatic technology to reach their desired goals.

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17 July

Email Statistics for Improved Timing

No matter what action step you’re about to take, it seems like one time is always better than another to do it. It’s mentioned what days the specials at the grocery store are best, or fishing on the lake, or what day is best to make an airline reservation. It seems as though there is always a better time than another to do things, and it appears that your email campaigns are no exception. This blog is all about the best time to send emails; and expect them to be read.

For this year’s research, Omnisend analyzed more than two billion promotional campaigns sent using their marketing platform technology over the year 2018. On the email-timing front, the knowledge gained by this research may even be able to help increase the effectiveness of your email marketing metrics.

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16 July

The Ten Commandments of Attribution Tracking

If you’ve ever heard any of the sermons that Genius Monkey preaches, you’re probably aware of how much we believe in the profound importance of attribution tracking. We know how to help you lead your prospects right down the path to conversion.

These principals are neither hypothetical, nor speculative; they are tried and tested by the specialists at Genius Monkey, and have proven to be incredibly successful. Here is a set of commandments that Omni Monkey (the main brilliant ape of the bunch) has posted. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and we have a great deal of pudding to look through!

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02 July

Digital Programmatic's Next Big Hit

The most important component of today’s programmatic advertising is finding an audience that wants to hear what our clients have to say … or sell … or provide. The old “Spray and Pray” methods of marketing are gone. They’ve been replaced by precision tools that can target virtually ANY genre or special interest group.

But when you consider this rather recent programmatic turn of events and the effect it has had on the entire marketing industry, it’s easier to comprehend the vastness of its effectiveness in other fields. As an example, let’s take a look at the music industry.

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