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25 October

Changing Search Behavior

Marketers have a great opportunity to become a part of consumers’ plans by simply “being there” when the customer needs them. Today’s search behavior is constantly changing, growing to surprising levels. In fact:

  • In the last two years, searches for “wait times” has grown more than 120%
  • In the last two years, mobile searches for “menus” has increased over 55%
  • 78% of mobile searches for local business information result in a purchase
  • A “list of products” is the most important mobile website feature of local businesses, followed closely by “opening hours” and “price list”
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18 October

Media and Device Agnostic

Media and device agnosticism is simply the ability of a computing component to work with various systems without the need for any special adaptations or modifications. In other words, it’s anything that’s designed to be compatible across most common operating systems.

This translates to the fact that at Genius Monkey we can optimize towards the best combination of all media channels and the specific types of devices upon which to see it. This includes mobile, tablet, laptop/desktop and smart television. Rather than using just one single network or a few of the most popular ones, we pull in all of the available impressions through the integration with all networks and demand-side platforms (DSPs).

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11 October

Video Marketers Have the Advantage

Digital video marketing is a strategy that is oft times overlooked. When used in conjunction with a programmatic digital marketing platform, attention-getting videos are ideal for promoting products and services, and here’s why:

  • A landing page that includes video makes it 53% more likely to show up on page one of the search engine results pages (SERP).
  • 46% of users take action after viewing a video ad.
  • An email with a video is 96% more likely to get a click-through.
  • Blog posts incorporating videos attract 3x as many inbound links as those without video.
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04 October

Holiday Shopping in the Digital Age

As the holidays approach, here are a few statistics to keep in mind:

  • 75% of shoppers in the U.S. use at least three channels while shopping
  • 61% of consumers will abandon loyalty if they find a store with quicker delivery
  • Mobile searches for “brands like …” or “stores like …” have increased by more than 60% over the last two years
  • Over 50% of shoppers indicated that they would like to see content that is personalized specifically to them
  • Searches for “Shopping near me” requests have exploded by over 200% in just the past two years.
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