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14 August

The Growth of Effective Programmatic

Of late, the manner in which effective programmatic platforms price their inventory has undergone a sizable shift. In March of 2018, 338 billion ad impressions across 39 US supply-side platforms were analyzed by Getintent. Their findings revealed that 43.3% of these impressions were sold through first-price auctions, meaning that the highest bid wins an impression. Just last December (2017) the figure was significantly lower, when only 5.8% of the 171 billion impressions analyzed were sold in the same manner.
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10 August

Selecting a Digital Partner

In the complex landscape of today’s media, an agency plays an integral role in guiding their clients in the direction of success, helping them put together and launch an effective digital ad campaign. Agencies, however, don’t come in a one-size-fits-all package. To be a standout, they must be on the very edge of innovation, offering the latest technologies and advancements in cross-channel analysis, as well as other abilities.

In order to see success for their clients’ ad campaigns and deliver the latest innovations and technology, agencies need a programmatic partner they can rely on—one that complements their unique strengths as the trusted strategic guide for their clients. And remember that picking a partner and staying with them is crucial if they are effective for your campaign. Data is power, and every time you switch partners, the snowball effect places your data stream on hold, and you must start the efforts anew.

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02 August

Loyalty vs. Numbers

When exactly is the most strategic time to advertise? While most would speculate that it would be right before a sale, recent research reveals otherwise! And, while the end game of advertising used to be all about making a sale, it goes beyond that now. Advertisers are starting to realize that the new “Holy Grail” of marketing is loyalty, and that making a sale is just the beginning.

The data below indicates the importance of loyalty, and what drives it:

  • 63% of Gen Z and Millennials agree they have many choices of where to shop, so a brand must show them loyalty to earn their business 1
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