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31 May

Genius Monkey's GDPR Update and Certification

At Genius Monkey, we’ve worked hard to set the bar in programmatic marketing solutions that place our clients on the marketing map. We want to always maintain the reputation that we have as the “bar-setters” of the programmatic world. Part of what allows us to make this claim is that we work diligently to maintain the trust of our clients as we take all the steps necessary to protect their sensitive information. We care about the protection of your user information and use the most advanced industry-standard safeguards to do so. For this reason, we want to be transparent about our European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance updates and recent changes.
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24 May

Another Step in the Battle Against Ad Fraud

We at Genius Monkey are proud to join an elite group of companies that have earned the TAG Registered Seal from the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). As one of the early adopters of this certification, Genius Monkey recognizes how crucial it is to add to the ecosphere of trustworthiness in the ad industry. We understand the importance of clients feeling confident that their advertising platforms are protected from malicious bots and other fraudulent activity, and that their advertising efforts are going to be clean all the way through the marketing process.
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17 May

Video Content That Converts

Good video content is a great vehicle for getting better conversion numbers. It is a very impactful component in strategic conversion. It’s a powerful manner in which to communicate the story of your brand, make clear your value proposition and fortify customer relationships, as well as prospects.

According to recent research, video content is not just an “effective” tool anymore, it’s a component, but the pace with which it is being demanded is growing rapidly. As an example, 53% of consumers want to see more video content from advertisers. Another fact is that 51.9% of marketers worldwide say that video is the type of content with the best Return on Investment!

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10 May

Time to Adjust our Measurement Priorities?

Red Lobster wanted to gain an understanding of what kind of impact mobile could have on customers, or potential customers, who were driving by their store. The study revealed that mobile users who saw an ad from Red Lobster on their phone or tablet were influenced to the point that they were 31% more likely to eat in a restaurant the day they saw the ad. The studies also revealed that they were 17% more likely to visit the restaurant the following day.

Some of the nation’s foremost marketers are undergoing a paradigm shift regarding the manner in which they measure and prioritize the long-term value of customers. One of the greatest things about digital is that it offers the ability to measure results. It was always rather straightforward until mobile came around. In today’s world of digital, measurement has become more complicated, more subtly different, and more relevant than ever before. It’s because of mobile that digital has become a part of our daily routines.

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03 May

Fill Your Quivers with Programmatic Arrows

Most of us who live in the civilized world carry some type of communication device, usually in the form of a smartphone. Nearly 2.5 billion people in the world carry one, and of all of those, 91% of them use mobile applications.1 These apps are just a regular routine in the eyes of most. In fact, it’s almost difficult to come across situations for which an application doesn’t exist! But who is using these apps … and for what purpose?

Genius Monkey has been advocating for years that in order to be at the top of their game, marketers MUST be present for consumers at all times, in all places and on all screens. Without a doubt, this includes mobile devices and applications, as they have become incredibly relevant over the last decade, and continue to rise in popularity.

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