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28 December

Dynamic Blacklisting VS Whitelisting

Genius Monkey has once again been published on! This informative article covers the subject of “blocklisting,” and the best way to use it. The article is called Advertising Solutions Aren’t Always Black and White. It addresses the concerns of today’s brands, computer systems and networks constantly being bombarded with malicious content, unwanted bots and malware, and how no site is immune to these attempts. The two methods of protection against these unwanted invasions involve “blacklisting” and “whitelisting.” It’s important for you to know which method is the most effective.
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21 December

What Not to Buy | Programmatic Advertising

Search has become a huge asset for consumers. Each day more and more people are discovering how helpful it can be to search out the advantages of purchasing one brand over another; from refrigerators to new homes.

But, when they search, no matter how high your product is placed on the results page, you must be there, on every screen, so that when the consumer needs you, you are able to deliver. This can be accomplished by targeting your specific audience, and using consumer data to optimize your ad campaigns on the fly using programmatic advertising. This becomes evident when you consider that nearly four out of five digital display dollars have transacted programmatically in 2017, totaling $32.56 billion. In fact, 62% of media-buying executives who have increased adspend towards programmatic TV in 2017 have said that the main benefit of doing so is reaching a more targeted audience.

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15 December

Ho-Ho-Holiday Marketing Advice

As surprising as this may be to read, the number of shopping searches on Christmas day outnumber the shopping searches on Black Friday—by 34%!1 When a consumer is considering a new purchase, they spend an average of 13 days shopping for it. However, when they have made their choice, more than 50% expect to receive it on the same day they order it, or at the latest, the following day.2 This is evidenced by the fact that since 2015, searches related to “same day shipping” have grown 120%.3 In addition, there are a great number of shoppers that procrastinate, which is evidenced by the fact that searches for “where to buy” reach their annual peak on December 23rd,4 which is the deadline for shipping Christmas gifts (if you want them to arrive on time). This would explain why the days of the week before Christmas day are as busy as Cyber Monday!5
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07 December

Marketing Myths

Your targeted audience is a cornucopia of different ages, groups and personalities. Here are a few indicators of that fact:

  • Close to 5 billion videos are viewed on video-share sites every day
  • 86% of millennial fathers turn to video for parenting advice
  • The current number of cord-cutters has increased more than 33% over the last year
  • Millennials make up 34% of our nation’s work force
  • More than 16 million millennials are now mothers

In order to really capture the attention of your targeted audience, it takes more than just desire and good intentions. The tastes of consumers are always changing; morphing to meet their wants, needs and priorities. It can be a challenge for marketers to stand up to the challenge of staying current with these shifting preferences.

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