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28 September

Four Video Ad Trends Happening Right Now

Mobile has been driving its way to becoming the most preferred way to watch video. According to recent research, in the fourth quarter of 2016 mobile devices saw 54% of all video starts. This figure is up from 52% in the third quarter, which is a substantial rise in just three months. ZenithOptimedia recently reported that global consumers are currently spending close to 20 minutes per day watching videos on their mobile devices. This exceeds their viewing of desktop computers and smart TVs in 2016 by four minutes. That’s a rise of 40% from the previous year, and Zenith predicts that viewing videos on mobile will increase 33% in 2017, and 27% in 2018.
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21 September

Welcome to the Future of Advertising

The advertising industry is constantly being turned upside down with the implementation of new technology. These new breakthroughs include virtual reality, social media and wearables.

Not only is technology changing, but the consumer behavior is also migrating towards these advancements, along with the entire advertising industry. As a case in point, this year (2017) digital advertising is expected to outperform television advertising for the very first time, bringing in $202 billion in the process. This is a good indication of the effectiveness of this new technology, and the changes that are taking place.

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13 September

Online Presence Equates to Success

Where do you use your smartphone? If you’re like most people, you use it everywhere! Case in point:

  • 91% of smartphone users look up info while right in the middle of a task.
  • 69% of online consumers agree that their perception of a brand is influenced by quality, timing, or relevance of a company’s message.
  • 82% of smartphone users turn to their phones while standing in a retail store trying to decide which item to purchase.
  • 10% of people who turn to their smart phones in a store end up buying a different brand than originally planned.
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07 September

You Simply Must be Everywhere

A company must be present in all places in order to reach its marketing objectives, assuming those objectives are lofty. But, bigger is not always better. Let’s look at Google, as an example. They are a huge network, and they average 3.5 billion searches a day. Why, just with YouTube alone there are 5 billion videos watched daily. While these numbers sound very impressive, are they covering all the medium bases? We dare say, NOT!

There are several variables in the world of advertising, and how the playbooks of digital marketing are continually changing; morphing into something greater, continually extending the reach to consumers. However, there is one principle that has always been valid, and will continue to be: In order to be truly successful in your marketing platforms, you need to be present … everywhere! That’s why at Genius Monkey, we run the campaigns of our clients across numerous networks, and we track the conversions accordingly in order to assure that their money is being spent in the most productive way possible.

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