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26 April

Three Ways Marketers Can Beat Today's Ad Fraud has published an article by Genius Monkey CRO, Jeremy Hudgens, in which he expounds on the importance of combatting the effects of ad fraud in the arena of online advertising. It’s titled Three Ways Marketers Can Beat Today’s Ad Fraud.

Ad fraud is a $7 billion-per-year problem in today’s digital online advertising. Through nine years of tireless efforts by the “Intelligent Primates” on our Genius Monkey team, we have developed the three best methods to combat this malicious activity. In fact, our methods have been successful in eliminating more than 130% more ad fraud than our nearest competitor! These three methods are…

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24 April

Attributing Success to the Right Place

With the millions of websites that exist in the cyber world, the information highway can guide visitors to a practically infinite number of destinations. So how can you get potential consumers to your website? There are actually two ways that Internet surfers can get to your page. They might see your ad, which may make an impression on them, and they may navigate to it later. Or they might just click on your ad and get there right away.

Statistics tell us that about 99% of the time, people will choose not to click. And even if they do click, they’ll probably end up bouncing.

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