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31 March

How Your Website Speed Measures Up

Genius Monkey is excited to announce the newest utensil in our technological toolbox; it’s called Genius Monitor, and it’s designed to help our clients better understand how their website is performing when it comes to their page speed.

Genius Monkey checks to make sure that not only its code is loading properly, but that the load time of the site is below a given threshold. In short, this service generates information that will help clients determine how they stack up to the current industry benchmarks for page speed, and protect them from spending money on ads on a site that may be down.

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10 March

Network Reporting and Analytics Don't Always Match Up

Attribution, validation and bot detection are more important than ever; especially when there are so many discrepancies between analytics and the network reporting. As an example, let’s say that a programmatic-based ad server like Genius Monkey (or someone like DoubleClick, for that matter) reports that they delivered 5000 clicks, yet Google Analytics only shows 3000 clicks. That can leave a marketer wondering about the integrity of the reports.

It’s not uncommon for marketers to use multiple tools to get an understanding of how users interact with the product they’re advertising. While these tools can complement one another, they can also result in data discrepancies, and when the data is inconsistent, it’s hard to trust, unless you understand why.

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03 March

Are Mobile Conversions Eclipsing Those of Desktops?

There are many experts in the marketing industry who feel that it won’t be long before mobile commerce dominates over PC-based sales. In fact, recent polling data indicates that there are many people who believe that this “domination” has already begun.

Recently, 2,773 American adults were surveyed* regarding their online habits. The majority of them revealed that they spend more time with their mobile devices than on their desktop computers. Rather surprising is the fact that the majority also revealed that they conduct more transactions over their smartphones than on their desktops. Case in point, the numbers indicate that the amount of online purchases conducted on mobile devices outnumbers those conducted on the PC-by more than double!

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