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30 September

Beyond Reach, Frequency and CPM

According to recent research, less than 30% of small businesses use website analytics. In fact, 18% of them admit that they do no tracking at all. Also, one third of advertisers indicate that they don’t know which digital marketing tactic produces the largest positive impact on their bottom line. As an example, 26% say that it’s email, 17% say it’s SEO, 15% indicate that it’s paid search and 5% speculate that it’s online display advertising. So where is the truth?

True “programmatic” digital media is stepping up to take its place amongst the most effective means of advertising. Unlike traditional marketing tactics, which can more or less approximate what people see, programmatic digital media can precisely measure how people think, and what they do. Needless to say, this offers a very positive impact on marketing strategies, creative and successes.

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23 September

A High Bounce Rate is Not a Problem

A High Bounce Rate is Not a Problem … As a Matter of Fact, It’s to Be Expected!

Here’s why:

  • People are watching something else, or possibly involved in a project when they see an ad
  • They may be watching the game, or a movie, or even funny YouTube videos that they don’t want to break away from … BUT … they may click on the ad to get the name of the company, with intentions of going back to it when they get a chance
  • Because cookies can be dropped after a set amount of time, by the time the viewer eventually gets to the customer’s site, it may not be credited to the ad, but it will count for organic, direct traffic or even a paid search ad
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16 September

360 Videos - Are They Worth the Cost?

The future has arrived, and it’s called 360 Degree Immersive Video. Viewers can now submerge themselves into the middle of a scenario rather than watch it from the sidelines. This goes for all kinds of productions, including sports, music, tours, exploration and more.

With traditional film and video, the director films what he wants. The editor then determines the right moments and the proper angles that he deems most effective. In other words, you see just what the director and the editor want you to see. However, with the remarkable new technology of 360 video, you can see exactly what YOU want to see. This means that viewers can look at the video from every angle by simply swiping or moving their phone or tablet around-there’s no headset required! You can look up, down, left and right. You can even turn around and look behind you. It’s as though you’re standing in the middle of the scene!

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09 September

Measurement and Validation

There is no denying that mobile digital advertising has become a key component for brand marketers. Recent data indicates that there are more than 200 million smartphone and tablet users in the United States. Mobile now represents 65% of all digital media time, with mobile applications dominating that usage. Since 2013, desktop has lost 12 percentage points and has now receded to 35% of digital time spent.

But, while it’s pretty clear that mobile is continually on the rise, marketers would be remiss to place all their eggs in one “digital basket,” and allocate 100% of their advertising budget to mobile. That’s because, contrary to what some believe, conversions are still higher on desktop. In fact, most e-commerce transactions are still taking place on the PC, so a multi-platform strategy is essential.

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