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24 June

Draw More Clicks with Effective Creative

Strategic placement of search ads is extremely important, but the effectiveness is stifled without a creative factor that increases relevance and draws in the clicks.

Creatives should be tied to keywords

The consumers of today are on the move. They run price comparisons at the department store on their smart phones, they review the news on their tablets while riding the bus, and receive notifications on their smartwatches. Today’s consumers are constantly connected … and very mobile!

The fact that so many mobile screens are being utilized-every minute-everywhere-it opens up a whole new world of marketing moments. For instance, someone looking for a tire shop during lunchtime on their work computer is probably considering purchasing new tires, and looking for the best deal. However, someone looking for a tire shop at 4:42 p.m. from their mobile smartphone is most likely standing next to their car on the side of the freeway with a blowout. Which ad will you serve?

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17 June

Bringing Customers In with Mobile Search

Back in the day, when someone wanted to find a product, they had to physically shop around, or grab the Yellow Pages and make dozens of phone calls in order to locate the item they were looking for. That is no longer the case, and phone books have practically become obsolete. In this day and age, we have another device to guide shoppers through the doors of retail establishments - searches on mobile devices.

When today’s shoppers want to learn about a product, or find it, or buy it, they simply turn to their smartphones. In fact, because 80% of internet users own smartphones, there are more searches conducted on mobile devices today than on desktop computers. Correspondingly, more than half of all internet traffic is generated from smartphones and tablets. Current reports indicate that mobile digital media time in the United States is substantially higher (51%) than desktop time (42%). In other words, the trend in using vertical screens (mobile device usage) compared to all other screen use indicates that we’re well past the tipping point of desktop versus mobile.

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03 June

Programmatic Explained Video

Click Image to Watch Our Video That Simplifies The Explanation of Programmatic Advertising

Marketing is a whole new ballgame these days. Used to be that marketers would have to advertise to the masses in hopes that a few of the right people saw their ad and made the purchase. It was like using catfish bait to try to catch a deep-sea marlin.

With Genius Monkey’s advanced programmatic advertising technology, potential consumers can now be narrowed down and specifically targeted. We use hundreds of data-collecting resources to learn the online behaviors, demographics, geographic location, devices used and other helpful information about the potential customers. In other words, we have all the right baits for all the right fish … and we know just when and where to drop our hooks

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