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27 May

The Imperative Role of Split Testing

Effective marketing involves a great deal of expertise and technology, which is why Genius Monkey employs marketing scientists that stay on top of it all. However, even being the high-tech industry that it is, marketing is not an exact science, but more of an art form; continually changing and improving.

There are many effective ways to generate traffic coming into your website, or landing pages. These promotional campaigns are designed to attract a targeted crowd of online web visitors; all with the intention of converting each visit into a lead, or better yet; a sale.

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20 May

Current Video Trends

Once upon a time, when brand marketers wanted to attract the attention of their targeted consumers, they would first think of television advertising. Today’s marketing platforms (the successful ones, anyway), are considerably different. It’s not the products, nor the televisions that have changed, it’s the devices upon which targeted customers are viewing the ads. Now they are reaching for their phones, and tuning in to video share sites.

No longer is this a one-screen society; we exist in a multi-screen, multi-platform existence, in which one third of today’s consumers report that they don’t subscribe to cable television, and have no intention of doing so. This crowd is known as the “cord cutters” or “cord nevers,” and because they no longer watch television, the marketing world must reach them in a different manner, and that manner is called Online Video.

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13 May

Don't Underestimate Mobile Engagement

Today’s consumers no longer have to peruse giant shopping malls and mega-stores in order to find products and services on which to spend their money. Statistics indicate that 1 in 3 of the world’s population now owns a smart phone, which is like saying that one third of the world carries around a retail outlet in their pocket!

Any business or company that has failed to recognize the pertinence of the multibillion-dollar mobile engagement movement is missing out on a great deal of opportunity for growth! This is evidenced by the fact that 84% of smartphone owners use them to research products or services before making a purchase, which is a 17% lift over last year. And once they make a decision to buy, 73% of them will use their devices to make the actual transaction happen.

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05 May

Video Strategies for the 2016 Summer Games

Advancing quickly to the front of the marketing strategy line is the 2016 Summer Olympics. There is little doubt that sports content, as well as real-time marketing, will play a key role in your Olympic advertising plan. However, businesses may want to consider broadening their video strategy so as not to lose a significant portion of the advertising opportunities.

With the Summer Games quickly approaching, it’s a sure bet that fans will be tuning in around the world as they watch athletes from around the globe compete in this 17-day sports frenzy.

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