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24 March

Boost Viewer Engagement with Video Based Sites

Placing video ads on YouTube and other video based websites used to be a sideshow in the circus of advertising and marketing. However, over the last few years, online video ads have become one of the star performers in the center ring.

New studies have proven that by rethinking and adjusting the role that video based sites play in your marketing strategy, you can increase viewership (particularly by the millennial crowd) by 42%, and your engagement can be multiplied tenfold. In addition, the possibility of boosting viewership of videos from the past by 500% is a reality. Consider some of the following research:

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17 March

Need for Speed

We live in a world of “got to have it now,” “want it immediately” and “don’t keep me waiting!” This is especially true for consumers using mobile devices. We want to navigate our way through our applications at the speed of light, with no expectations for delays.

It is imperative for marketers to recognize this “need for speed” and eliminate any issues that may cause slowdowns (if they want to keep the attention of the users). Once we humans get online, we are not unlike small children who expect immediate gratification. That’s probably because most times we get it!

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11 March

Online Video Ads Drive Marketability Skyward

As time and technology move forward at an unprecedented pace, experts are reporting that the trend of embedding online video ads into their marketing platform has proven to be valuable to advertisers, as well as consumers. They affect consideration, purchase decisions, favorability and most noteworthy - sales.

For most marketers, one of the more obvious goals of video advertising is to increase brand awareness. Every company wants to reach as many consumers as possible, and in the most efficient and timely fashion. YouTube, along with several of the other video channels, can bring this lofty goal to fruition. According to experts, 65% of Google Preferred ads that were placed on YouTube alone, celebrated an average brand awareness, providing a lift increase of 17%.

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03 March

How Demographics Affect Your Ads

Before a business owner can raise startup funds and finance the launching of a company, they must first research and gather adequate demographic information to include in the business plan. This demography can include things like age, income, race, geographic area, gender and level of education. In addition, it may include marital status, the size of the family, shopping habits and other behavioral attributes. There may be a need to find out local demographic information, such as how many people in a particular area own their own cars, or go to college, or the number of homeowners that reside there, and how many of them are internet subscribers.
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