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23 November

'Tis the Season to be Spending

The holidays are upon us, and that means that the critical selling season for merchants is quickly escalating into full gear. With the holiday shopping season underway, a greater number of Americans plan to shell out more on holiday gifts this year than they did in 2014, according to new research from consulting firm Accenture.

And that means more dollars up for grabs as retailers introduce a barrage of marketing gimmicks and promotions to lure consumers into stores.

40% of Americans plan to spend more on holiday shopping this year thanks to increased optimism around personal financial situations, compared with only 25% who said the same in 2014. Yet overall, since the recent recession in our economy, consumers have remained guarded about their spending habits, forcing retailers to carefully select their audience and provide alluring deals in order to catch their purchasing eyes. Accenture found that 87% of consumers are effectively lured in by discounts of at least 20% on any given item.

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03 November

Be Memorable, Not A Memory

Content has always been king, but it now assumes a crucial role in the world of digital media systems. While difficult to connect ROI and effort, it is a well-known fact that blog posts, infographics, social shares, and videos are a crucial element when it comes to targeting, establishing, building, and maintaining long-term relationships with customers. Whether you use shock numbers, humorous content, or dramatic needs, make sure your stories are remembered! A recent study found that businesses who focus on emotional marketing messages first, and then promotional content second, are twice as successful at selling their products and services. This is why Programmatic Banner and Video ads are becoming more prominent. Programmatic advertising has increased a whopping 76% from last year at this time!
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