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29 October

Stressful, Yes, But We Love Our Job!

Being a successful marketer requires more than just working the job; it requires a sense of pride and passion for the ad world. It requires a broad knowledge of the technological breakthroughs, as well as the processes that create successful ad campaigns for clients. This, however, requires the ability to handle a great deal of stress, or to control your actions in a manner that thwarts stress. For instance, you may be concerned about how the Google Analytics statistics are shaping up. Maybe you’re angry with Facebook for throttling your organic page reach, or perhaps the post you recently wrote isn’t ranking in Google Search.
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21 October

Marketing Metrics

Using Metrics for Marketing Success

As long as there have been goods to sell, mankind has been actively marketing- compelling others to choose their goods over those of their competitors. Of course, the ad world has developed exponentially since the first trades of the ancient days were negotiated, and the competition is fierce.

Marketers are coming to the realization that a “sure bet” for a good return on investment is the dollars they put into their advertising budget. It’s a widely known fact that most businesses have plans in place to increase their marketing budgets, but it’s imperative that they spend it in the right places. They must determine where the money will be most effectively placed. Statistics reveal that the most effective spending comes in the form of a combination of search, SEO tactics, social advertising and remarketing.

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12 October

Second Screens and Digital for Marketing Success

Smart Phones and Tablets are Rich Tools for Brand Marketers

Smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming the television-watching companion of choice. People in general are now using their alternative screens to search for information about whatever they happen to be watching on their television or monitor.

Long gone are the times that one would have to go to the library to look at an encyclopedia to learn, for instance, how old a particular actor is. No longer must we call someone in other parts of the world to find out how the weather is. Now, anytime we want to grab onto any piece of knowledge, whether trivial or major, we just grab our smartphones and ask them! The answers come instantaneously.

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01 October

Draw Them In with Creative Content

At Genius Monkey we are often asked what “secret ingredient” we use in our recipe for consistently creating audience-grabbing content.

We let them know that the answer is simple: The ingredient most imperative for our recipe to success is “Discovery!” If you’re not familiar with the term “discovery” as it pertains to marketing, it’s all about collating and analyzing insights about various brands, their competitors and most important of all, the beliefs, behaviors and perceptions of their audiences. It enables Genius Monkey to formulate ample and accurate insights about our clients’businesses that leads to creative, well-written content that focuses on the interests of the targeted readers, alluring them, if you will, to look more closely at the businesses for whom we place creative ads.

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