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18 August

Wearable Technology Meets Programmatic

Wearable technology may be fairly new to the marketplace, but the idea certainly is not. Those of you who are old enough to remember the Dick Tracy television series, probably remember his special wristwatch. This futuristic piece of equipment allowed headquarters to communicate with him, offering information and instructions on his next assignment. As is usually the case, the future has caught up with the comics, and has even surpassed them!

It’s undeniable that “wearables” (wearable technology) has become a buzzword in the world of digital marketing. The new technology is becoming so popular that advertisers can even run programmatic ads on wearable devices, creating yet another screen that consumers will be monitoring.

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17 August

Understanding the Optimize Sales Funnel

A funnel is typically used when pouring one item from one container to another container, gathering the substance at the wide top and condensing it into a narrower stream so that it easily flows into the secondary container without spilling over.

At Genius Monkey, we use the funnel as a metaphor to describe the sales process from the very first contact of a potential customer, to the final purchase of the service or product being offered. The funnel, however, is a leaky one, in which items (sales opportunities) can drop out before reaching the end. This happens when the potential consumer loses interest in the commodity, or if Genius Monkey determines that the customer doesn’t fit the targeted demographic. In any case, the number of potential buyers going into the funnel is different than the number of consumers that reach the final exit point.

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