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13 July

Reaching the Masses

No matter what goods or services that marketers are trying to push, the end goal is to connect with the right people at the right time. In order to make this happen, brands are embracing the programmatic platform in order to engage consumers and earn their brand love.  Here are three resolutions for brand marketers who are implementing programmatic in 2015.

There are several changes that have occurred in the marketing industry over the last decade, but one thing remains constant: the desire to engage the right people at the right time. For this reason, a great deal of time and resources are spent by brands in order to learn the insights of their audience, in hopes to learn more of their true motivations—what drives them, or excites them. This knowledge is critical in order to develop resonating creative that is compelling to consumers. But how does a marketer know that the target audience is being reached? This is where the Genius Monkey’s programmatic technology comes into play.

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12 July

Advertising Terms

It’s hard to keep up with today’s marketing innovations and the advertising terms that describe them. That’s why Genius Monkey is ready to step in and handle your ad campaign for you. Knowing all of the ins and outs of the ad industry is our business, and we are known for being the best and most up-to-date at what we do. For those who are somewhat new to today’s marketing world, here are a few definitions that may help:

Raw Ad Impressions

An Ad impression (otherwise known as a “view”) is one instance of one ad appearance. One visitor can actually view many ads. A raw (or gross) ad impression is counted each time the advertisement is displayed to a visitor. This includes duplications and repetitious viewings. In other words, if one web page has six ads, there will be six gross impressions recorded - one per ad. Impressions are what track the number of views on a webpage or a webpage element. It is a standard metric that’s incorporated into analytics software. By tracking the number of ad impressions, Genius Monkey can track the performance of each ad, making optimizing adjustments if necessary.

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