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23 April

Attribution: A Better Understanding

Results can be yielded over several marketing channels through the use of programmatic search advertising. In addition, it remains pertinent throughout the lifecycle of the customer.

For this reason, it’s important to track the value of programmatic ads across the entire customer journey, rather than measure only the conversions from a direct click, as so many advertisers tend to do. Your Genius Monkey account representative will work with you to help assure the accurate measurement of your results.

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13 April

The Advent of Programmatic Buying

In this day and age of evolving marketing technology, there is a great deal of ad inventory, spread over a scattered demographic. Commercials and advertisements of all kinds are broadcasts over a wide spectrum of devices and channels, and with the old traditional advertisements, the message may reach someone who is interested, but it’s usually “by chance.”

The advent of Programmatic Buying has afforded brand marketers a way to create a semblance of organization, funneling the messages towards a targeted audience that has, in some fashion, expressed interest or searched for a particular product or service. Using Genius Monkey’s proprietary algorithms, the interactions of customers are consolidated into a single dashboard, allowing a strategy to be developed to better reach those consumers who are ready to engage. Genius Monkey can utilize the collected data to assess the effectiveness of the strategy they provide for their customers, and make changes as needed to increase effectiveness, thereby increasing the ROI. In other words, advertisers get a much bigger bang for each advertising dollar they spend! In addition, a value can be placed on each impression, assisting the marketer to prevent wasted revenue from their advertising budget, and to avoid aiming for an audience that is not predisposed to make the transaction, and will most likely not respond to the ads.

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07 April

Feed your Target Market with Real-Time Ads

During the 2015 airing of the Oscars, Google delivered real-time display ads congratulating the winners … as they won! These ads drove watchers to buy (or rent) the winning movies on Google Play. Their goal was to create extremely relevant real-time marketing that corresponded directly to the on-screen action.

The audience at the Oscars was waiting with great anticipation to find out who would win each category, especially “Best Picture” of the year. But behind the scenes, Google was waiting, too, ready to push their ad creative as soon as the winner was announced. The nominees were read by Sean Penn, and Google had eight ads ready to go, one for each nominee. The instant that Birdman was announced as the winner, Google hit the switch for the Birdman custom creative. While the director, Alejandro González Iñárritu, and his cast took the stage, the congratulatory ads were hitting the secondary-screen devices. Within mere seconds, the viewers saw the ads and were able to go to the Google Play Store to purchase the winning movie. What would have taken hours to accomplish a few years ago, now took only seconds.

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06 April

Marketing Suggestions

Over the past decade, much has changed for marketers. However, there is one thing that has remained the same: the goal to reach their target audience in the moments that count. This is one of the reasons why brands spend so much time and money to learn what the insights of their audiences are. Marketers must know what the motivations are and what drives or excites them. With this understanding, one can design with creativity a marketing strategy that really counts. And knowing whether or not you are reaching the right people is where Genius Monkey’s programmatic technology comes into play.
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