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15 December

Engage One on One with Programmatic

It’s no secret to anyone in the marketing field that advertising is most effective when the three R’s are achieved – the Right message to the Right person at the Right time. It used to be that this could only happen if there was a “perfect storm” that would result in all of the components to coming together. Traditionally, brand marketers could only offer campaigns that hit generic segments of an audience, with little relevant targeting. This creates an inefficient operation that slows down the fulfillment and strains resources. All of this is changing, though, with the technology of programmatic buying. These advances leverage data to allow the automation of marketing across channels, resulting in greater levels of targeting, efficiency, relevance and impact.
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01 December

Smart, Effective, Efficient Marketing

The evolution of the marketing world has led to a much higher level of efficient branding. This new, innovative technology offered by Genius Monkey can be leveraged by brand marketers, allowing them to reach out to their specific targeted consumers.

Online video advertising has stepped forward as a main player in this new wave of effective programmatic advertising. Digital video advertisements are stepping leagues ahead of traditional television ads. In addition, video creates the highest number of click-through rates of any other advertising platform.

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